Greek Speak: Sororities Go Online

Like most things, the Internet is a haven for sorority girls. And I’m not talking about online shopping or Facebook stalking. Well, not totally. I mean, clearly my sisters and I are all huge fans (to the point of being broke and creepy) of those two lovely Internet pastimes.
What I’m referring to is a slew of sites and online resources that can help keep sororities organized and on track. Or in the loop. Or decked out in the latest, cutest chapter gear. Are you on your executive board? Want to save time, help your chapter and get even more accomplished on a weekly basis?  Well lookie here, I’ve got your back.
Along with many other sites like and, WebGreek assists chapters in staying organized. Once your chapter is all set up, this site can help you communicate with members more easily, schedule meetings and events, collect money and even poll girls in the chapter (on anything from “Who’s the douchiest douche in Sigma Nu?” to “What date works better for Spring Formal?”). Unlike the days of yore when you had to bang down girls’ doors or leave flyers up in the bathroom in hopes people would see them when they’re flat ironing their hair (or pooping….), WebGreek makes running the chapter so. much. easier.
They also offer really cute, really awesome, really EASY to create chapter websites that you can set up for your house! They have many a la carte options that are tailored for your chapter’s specific needs, and make it simple to get your house online. And in 2011 when everyone and their grandmother is surfing the web, a chapter website is a MUST. How else are those Potential New Members going to learn about you before Rush??
Oh, and FYI: you can live chat with a rep online and ask all the questions you want. How do I know? Because I was bored and lonely at home…. and I did it. Creep.
No, I am not about to tell you to post on your sister’s walls, chat with them, or poke them to stay in touch. Mostly because you should all be doing that….as we speak. There’s more to FB than all that and the best thing you can do for your chapter?
Create a group!
Our social chair did this just for our pledge class and it is SO cute and fun! It definitely brought all of us way closer because we could all be in contact all the time. Even better? Set the privacy settings to uber private, that way no one can participate in the group or even see that it exits unless invited by the admin. [Helpful hint: limit yourself to just 1 maybe 2 admins – anymore is overwhelming. You know how girls can get….] Having this group will allow your pledge class to post summaries of the out of control on-goings from the night before, keeping everyone updated AND only having to tell the story once! And since your settings are controlled, you don’t have to worry about tattletales or your National Office finding out.
But that’s not all you can do with FB groups. If you’d like to use Facebook for some PR opportunities, make your group not-so-private! Call it something like “UCF Tri- Delta Seniors,” make it open to everyone, and post all the great stuff you’re doing: philanthropy events, chapter achievements, etc., for all of campus to see!
Spend 5 minutes in a sorority and you’ll rack up quite a collection of chapter-themed shirts/pants/keychains/flip flops/band-aids?! I swear, if I have to see one more sweatshirt with zebra print letters across the chest I’m gonna flip. my. sh*t. Before I discovered MetroGreek though, that was the only option I had. Even with the plethora of Greek apparel websites out there (and trust me, there are far too many), the stuff is always the same. And if I gotta wear this stuff all the time, I’d like it to at least be cute, right?
MetroGreek is where it’s at, yo. They have hundreds of adorable, trendy and unique designs that can be printed on tees, tanks, sweatshirts and more. So whether it’s a t-shirt for rush or a sweatshirt just because, you can show your chapter spirit in style. And really, that’s what it’s all about.
[Got a question for our sorority girl? Email her at submissions [at] collegecandy [dot] com. In the meantime, get the DL on Greek Life from the women who are living it right here.]

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