Has our Facebook Obsession Gone Too Far? [GALLERY]

I, like every other college student, spend a fair amount of time on the ‘book, from creating party events, to shameless stalking of ex boyfriends, and of course, rick rolling people like it’s my job (never gonna give you up!). There’s nothing wrong with that; I mean, that’s what Facebook is for.

Unfortunately, as Facebook becomes more and more pervasive, for some people it’s becoming less of a place to post pictures and musings from their lives and more a place to actually live them. Remember the groom who posted on Facebook during his wedding? Funny? A sign of the times? Yeah, but also a little bit pathetic. And that doesn’t even hold a candle to these most recent Facebook updates….

Clearly, the world’s complete and utter obsession with Facebook has gone way, way too far. The site that started out as an easy way for college students to connect has now turned into a place that is quickly changing the way we all interact, phasing out face to face communication and creating new social problems as it goes.

What’s next on the social network frontier? I’m afraid to find out.

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