The Perfect Pre-Party Playlist for a Brand New Year

So here we are; a brand new year. What’s more appropriate than to get it started on the right note with some fresh new music?
I’m really excited to share this month’s playlist with you all. It’s probably my favorite playlist yet. (Check out my other goodies here.) With some inspiration from the feeling of a bold, fresh new start in the air that accompanies every New Year and the help from a couple of awesome music blogs, I tried to throw in some more obscure songs this time to change things up a bit from 2010.
In this playlist you’ll hear artists you may have never heard before, unique remixes of songs you may have loved a few years ago (like Lil Wayne’s “Fireman”) and songs by hugely popular artists like Usher, Chris Brown, Keri Hilson and Rihanna you just might not know of yet. It’s one big mix!
So whether you’re packing up to head back to college, experiencing the crazy partying that goes on during syllabus week or still stuck at home with mom and dad, throw this playlist on to help get you pumped about all the things (and drinks) that lie ahead in the year to come.
I have a feeling it’s gonna be an awesome one. (Editor’s Note: Or the last one….)
Rock out with your 2011 out right here.

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