Wardrobe Wish List: Jessica McClintock Mini Bark Embossed Bag

Let’s be honest, money stored in your cleavage is not sexy. What comes next…your lip gloss, cell phone, camera? (You gotta be packing some major weight up there to store all that.) When your skinny jeans pockets are so tight and small that they’re non-existent, don’t be tempted to store things where you think no one will see. The only place money should be inserted into intimates is most likely not the kind of bar you’re headed out to this weekend.
I’ve been searching for the perfect clutch for years. I’ve been able to take my time because I’ve been spoiled by my boyfriend’s ridiculously deep man-pant pockets. It was working out well until I went overboard and tried to convince him it was OK to store my tampons in there…. I knew I had three options: get some man pants for myself, cut down what I bring out with me, or get a cute clutch to put all my Saturday night necessities in.
Option number three was definitely the most attractive once I found this Jessica McClintock Mini Bark Embossed Bag.
A good clutch can be nearly impossible to find. They’re either too small for your massive smart phone or too purse-like to bring on a dance floor. They might have tacky rhinestones or a color that’s meant to pop, but really matches nothing in your wardrobe. That’s what I love about this bag in particular- there’s nothing cheesy about it. It’s sleek and chic, and it’s that perfect big-enough-but-not-too-big size.
The other thing I love about this clutch in particular is that it comes with a shoulder strap that’s not hideous. It really might be the only one in that department. I feel the need for a strap for two reasons: I know I can’t be trusted to hold onto that bag all night (Why? Ask martini number five) and I hate the way my arm looks in a slinky top with my upper arm pressing that bag into my arm pit for dear life (please refer to reason number one).
This clutch is understated while still having some sexy shimmer, it’s versatile for your going out needs, and it’s under $30. What more could a girl ask for in a bag? Well, I guess a two-for-one would be nice….I want both colors!

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