Budget Stylista: Look Hot, Stay Warm

It’s cold outside. And while that didn’t phase us when we were freshmen parading drunkenly through the streets claiming it’s NOT even that cold (our purple lips pressed against the frozen top of our inconspicuous water bottles…), as time goes on we realize that gallivanting around town in freezing temps in a tank and a mini is clearly not an option. Come on, snotsicles look good on NO ONE.

While cold weather gives us a reason to tuck away our tanks and barely-there dresses, it is no excuse to give up on putting some effort in our ensembles. So in order to avoid turning into the shlub in the bar (we all know that one person who wears a huge baggy sweatshirt and pretends like he/she doesn’t care), I’ve rounded up 9 kick-ass shirts for whatever your Friday/Saturday/Monday night of drinking may bring. And all of them cover your shoulders but are still as adorable (or dare I say even more so!) than our summer time counterparts.

Stay Warm and Stylish!

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