Gossip Cheat Sheet: Stars Return to Normal

This week, while college students everywhere bum out before classes begin, some celebs broke up, some got together, some were just plain crazy, and Snooki made books a joke. In other words, after a few weeks of relatively little gossip, a lot of marriages and proposals, and a lot of break-ups, it looks like celebrities have finally gotten back into their old random ways. Yay!
Winter Break Spent Drinking With Friends
1. Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez were spotted kissing – and the crazy death threats began. You would never think that an innocent relationship between two of young Hollywood’s cutest stars would cause 12-year-old girls all over the world pronouncing death threats – but then I guess you can if that relationship involves the Biebs. After weeks of rumors over whether or not Selena & Justin were dating, the two were photographed kissing and snuggling in little bathing suits (Sigh… it pains me that a 16 and 18-year-old have more a more fabulous life than me). Crazy fans immediately went crazier, tweeting all kinds of death threats to Selena. Girls… did you really think one of you would end up with Justin? Really?
2. David Arquette checked himself into rehab. Apparently, he just couldn’t handle his split from Courteney Cox. Seriously – during an interview on the Howard Stern show, he said that according to his psychologist, he was having a “nervous breakdown”. He also admitted, “I’ve been drinking a lot because I’m heartbroken.” Aw – I actually feel sorry for him. Sources say rehab was much needed. Who knows, maybe this divorce won’t go through after all.
3. Lindsay Lohan is a stalker? Lindsay Lohan got out of rehab only to do more insane things – honestly, is anyone even a little bit surprised? I mean, really, get it together, girl. Her latest crazy act? Buying a beach house RIGHT NEXT to her ex, Samantha Ronson – yes, the same Sam Ronson who has threatened her with restraining orders in the past. And then, in typical Lindsay fashion, Lindsay denied the whole thing, claiming that she had no idea she was moving next to Sam. Um… no words.
4. Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal are over. So soon? I had a feeling that this was just a little too weird to last. Taylor and Jake ended their super-short relationship, supposedly because of the age difference. Cue the rumors that Taylor’s already writing a song about him, Jake is gay, and they did it for publicity. I actually can’t wait to see which random guy she ends up with next. Oh, and Popeater.com actually imagined that song for Taylor.
5. Mila Kunis and Macaulay Culkin broke up. I feel like a terrible celebrity gossip blogger for even saying this but, um – did anyone else not have a clue that these two were dating? Apparently they were, for seven long years. According to Kunis’ rep, the two are remaining friends. I guess this breakup couldn’t have come at a worse time – Mila is finally getting noticed by everyone for how awesome she is, thanks to Black Swan. No offense to Macaulay, but… I’m pretty sure she could do a little bit better.
Winter Break Spent Taking a Class
1. Jamie Pressley was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. On Wednesday night, Jamie was pulled over for a traffic violation and hit with a sobriety test – then arrested. Ouch. I’m sure more details will come out about this soon, but for now…I can’t wait to see her mug shot.
2. LeAnn Rimes probably got a boob job. LeAnn was photographed looking amazing in a bikini, and her boobs were obviously bigger. She hasn’t really confirmed or denied it, but, come on, let’s be serious. Take a look at the before and after pictures, and it’s pretty clear that she had work done. A source claims she did, and LeAnn has been making sly little comments on her Twitter, like, “The rumors are true… Eddie got chest implants.”
3. Excerpts from Snooki’s book were released, and the entire literary world cringed. Don’t get me wrong – I love me some Jersey Shore. I mean, I have a seriously unhealthy addiction to that ridiculous show. But just thinking about Snooki having a book published makes me irrationally angry. And once I read the excerpts, all that anger was justified. One line reads, “He had an okay body. Not fat at all. And naturally toned abs. She could pour a shot of tequila down his belly and slurp it out of his navel without getting splashed in the face.” Snooki: please stick to tanning and drinking on the Shore, and never do this to us again.
4. Are Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds dating?! Those are the rumors. The two were spotted hanging out on New Years Eve, and of course, everyone’s been talking about it. They’re both newly single, they’re both beautiful, and they were so totally adorable together in The Proposal – I can’t help but hope it’s true.
5. Three people died in Hollywood this week. Sigh. I hate deaths. Gerry Rafferty, the founder of the Stealers Wheel, died at the age of 63 on Jan. 4 after a battle with a long illness. Actor Pete Postlethwaite , who Steven Spielberg called “the best actor in the world”, died from cancer at age 64. And Bill Erwin, an actor from Seinfeld, died at age 96 from old age. Rest in peace.

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