Even Hollywood Starlets Have Bad Weeks

I’ll admit it, I’m (extremely) jealous of the Hollywood A-Listers’ lives. They have perfect bodies, perfect teeth, skin, boyfriends/girlfriends, houses and careers! Not to mention the loads of money they have from all of their hit movies/TV shows/albums/random endorsements (Proactive, anyone?). They get to live in exotic places, travel to even more exotic places, and never have to wear anything twice. Plus, they have people waiting on them hand and foot. Come on, just once I’d love to pass off doing my laundry to someone else.

But I’m beginning to see that maybe their lives aren’t total perfection. Yes, like Us Weekly tells us every Wednesday, stars really are just like us, and that means that they can have rough weeks too. In fact, their bad weeks make my “OMG, I have 3 tests and Gossip Girl isn’t on and I just tore my Sevens when I was doing my post-laundry lunges!” week seem like a walk in the park.

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