Should MTV Be Doing More For Their Teen Moms?

A new season of Teen Mom (aka Teen Mom 2) is starting January 11th at 10 p.m. Some of you, who are obviously living under a rock, don’t know what Teen Mom is, and some of you (like me) can’t wait until it pops up on the TV schedule so you can record it! ┬áThis season is bringing four new girls in from Sixteen and Pregnant which means: new drama, new plot lines and new adorable babies. And I don’t know about you, but I’m a little tired of Amber and all of her issues.

With shows like The Secret Life of the American Teenager, and movies revolving around a teenage pregnancy pact, it’s sometimes hard to stop and realize that teenage pregnancy is not something to take lightly. Enter MTV, with hit series, Teen Mom. It follows four of the original teenagers from 16 and Pregnant. The series centers around four teens who are dealing with balancing motherhood, a social life, and school.

On this show, we see the girls struggle to adapt their old lifestyles and focus their priorities. It’s an eye opener for the people watching, by deglamorizing teen pregnancy and showing everything they gave up. These four teenagers allow us to see into their lives, and we devour it as if it were a plot line from As The World Turns. All because we feed on the drama that is reality TV. I mean why else would it be so popular?

Teen Mom is everyone’s feel good (as in feel better about yourself) show, like most reality T.V., everyone loves seeing other people who are worse off than themselves. Don’t lie, you know you secretly love that Amber is as obnoxious as she is. With any show, especially reality TV, we all develop a favorite and quickly pull them into our friends-who-we-wish-were-ours-but-are-just-on-TV- circle. We follow the plot lines of each episode, loving every minute of the fights, tears, and relationship drama that are sprinkled throughout.

But never once do we stop and think about what is happening to some of these girls. Take Amber, the resident crazy, as an example. She’s been charged with assault and ended up in jail! She has a long line of failed relationships and isn’t even allowed to go into some of the local stores in her town. Girl is a little messed up and needs some help. Or at least someone should step up and get the baby out of that house!

So, whose responsibility is it to step in? Most people would assume the parents should help their child out, but in this case I don’t know if that would work out so well. Or what about the state? Shouldn’t someone call an interference and send Amber to counseling…Oh, hello MTV!

Shouldn’t MTV be held responsible?

On one hand, the girls wouldn’t have been put in the spotlight without MTV reaching out to them and giving them the exposure they have now. Yet on the other hand, they are the ones who grabbed at the opportunity, and had plenty of chances to say no thank you. And you know all the girls are compensated for the show, so does that mean MTV’s part of the bargain is done?

Reality TV brings the crazy people into our homes and while it is fun to watch them downward spiral… sometimes it’s taken a little too far. Do we really need more of these drama filled shows, when a show where people are worse off and get better (think Extreme Home Makeover) would be just as good?

I’d much rather see a scene where Amber is seeking help to better herself than another abusive tantrum. Yes these people are crazy, and yes it makes for some amazing TV, but they are real people who need some serious help. So who is going to own up and take responsibility?

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