The Know: Get on the Urban Decay Waiting List!

We all know the total euphoria of finding a brand new must-have, I’m-totally-obsessed-with-that-since-I-saw-it-in-Glamour-and-checked-it-out-at-Sephora-and-it-made-my-skin-look-effing-flawless beauty product. I don’t care what anyone (boys) says, I stand my ground that these things can be life changing.
Except when said life-changing beauty product is sold out. Everywhere. As in, I spent two days calling every makeup counter, Sephora, Ulta, random ass beauty store looking for it and it was nowhere. Could not be found. Dunzo. No Mas.
What is this product that has left me crying and over my cell phone limit for the month? The Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow palette, full of 12 gorgeous shades of golds, browns, champagnes, plums and gun metals (sigh). It’s got the perfect range of mattes, shimmers and glitters (swoon), paired with two silky eye liners in brown and black. It is seriously a dream for any eyelid. Not only is it at a killer price point ($44), but it’s also nice and compact, making travelling so easy. It’s my eye makeup soul mate.
But this slice of makeup heaven isn’t available at the momento. And no one seems to really know when it will be. Not the stores I’ve called. Not the websites I’ve checked. And for sure not the woman I grabbed outside the makeup store shrieking, begging and pleading for info.
But guess what? Someone does. And that someone is YOU. Yes, if you want this palette (and trust me, you do), you can know when you can get your little paws on it. Because now you can sign up on Urban Decay’s website and they will alert you when more of Naked Palettes become available.
Go to their “Out of Stock” item page and type in what you’re looking for and, presto-chango, as soon as the makeup gods at Urban Decay whip up some more they will alert you! (This also goes for anything they make that is currently sold out.) It’s brilliant! Seriously, I’m so excited I have no words…besides I. can’t. wait. to get that alert.

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