The Starting Line: This Freshman Won't Sing The Winter Blues

It’s blizzard season, y’all! Every state in the US besides Florida has had snow in the past few days. My friends in South Carolina and Georgia have been snow dayin’ it like crazy due to the rare 7 inches of snow that has fallen. Meanwhile, up here in Connecticut, there is no such thing as a snow day and I’ve been getting stuck and then face planting in snowbanks on my way to class. But I mean, I’m not mad about it—love the snow!
Needless to say though, I’ve noticed that it’s a bit easy to go stir crazy when outside is an arctic tundra. Which can be difficult to deal with when you’re trying to boost the good ole GPA after your mom almost had a stroke after seeing your first semester’s grades. . .
It’s tough being stuck inside. Here’s what happens: First, you are concentrating on conjugating your Spanish verbs. Next thing you know, you’re on Facebook and looking at people’s spring break plans. Then, you’re thinking about being in the sun looking hot in your cute ass bikini. Then, you realize that your bod isn’t quite in the shape that you want it to be in for bikini season. Then, that just sends you in a spiral of limp pathetic whatever-ness that ends with you watching Modern Family in bed and then eventually falling asleep until it’s dinner time. And then you just give up on your Spanish homework.
Oh wait, maybe that’s just me?
Regardless, this is a problem that needs to be addressed. Second semester should be a time for renewal; hibernation is for bears, not cool college girls.
I’ve found that exposure to natural sunlight really helps to perk me up. Waking up in the morning is such a drag—half of the time I just fall asleep again and then run to class sans eyeliner or mascara (and no one need to see that, trust). To conquer this problem, I picked a bed by the window and every day, I stare outside for five minutes to wake me up. Gwyneth Paltrow recommended to her GOOP readers that they buy “dawn simulation devices” to accomplish the same task, but let’s be honest—I don’t even have money to buy nail polish remover, I’m certainly not going to drop ca$h money on a freaking dawn simulation device when I have a window.
Also, according to a study by Johns Hopkins researchers, half an hour of natural sunlight helps to improve your hormonal balance and your sleep cycle. So bundle up your pretty little self and go outside to play a bit. Build a snowman, take an extra long walk to Starbucks, offer to run some errands for your roomie.
Even if it’s at night when there is no sunlight, go outside to frolic a bit. It’ll give you a much-needed break from your room/library/coffeehouse and you’ll still get some much needed exercise in, prepping your bod for spring break beach bumming.
Anything can get boring after too long—even if you want to sequester yourself in your room to get that A on your next transcript, you’ll get glassy-eyed and lose focus at some point. Perk yourself up with something other than hot chocolate! Bundle up, battle the elements and come back refreshed!

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