Wardrobe Wish List: Norma Kamali Bill Swim Suit

I’m sure swimsuit shopping is the last thing on your mind right now. You usually don’t expect to think about the most horrible time of the year so close to the most wonderful time of the year. Until that last minute vacation invite pops up, and you realize you need to find a suit in the middle of a blizzard. Or you’re so used to floating away to your happy place on the beach that you’d like to make it a reality. Or you were the smartest kid in your graduating class when you decided to attend college in a warm state.
I’ve found the perfect solution, but this week I’m putting the “wish” in Wardrobe Wish List. I’ve fallen in love with a swimsuit that would equate to at least 50 hours of work form your on-campus job (sorry!) at $350.00. Before you start raiding the dorms for bottles to return, let’s gaze longingly at this Norma Kamali masterpiece.
The Bill Swim Suit is the epitome of classy. It’s a little more “vacation-with-your-boyfriend’s-parents” than it is “pool-party-with-the-frat-boys” and you’re getting a lot more fabric here to justify the price. (Look, I’m trying, OK?) The silhouette is so 1920s classic and literally could not be more flattering.
The halter top and sweetheart neckline offer amazing support for the ladies (it’s no fun to be afraid of a nip-slip in front of your bf’s ‘rents) while the bottom of the suit has this forgiving overlay that saves you that bikini-line-cutting-into-your-flesh look. The color is deep, rich and fabulous.
I adore this look because it’s so different than any other swimsuit. Especially if you’re top heavy, it’s the perfect look when those teeny triangle bikinis aren’t going to cut it. It’s conservative, but in a way that shows just enough of all of your best assets. You can also pop the halter strap off your neck to avoid any weird tan lines without worrying if your top will blow down in the wind. Unless, of course, you’re on Spring Break and you’re aiming for that kind of thing.
Maybe I won’t be getting this suit for an upcoming vacation, but if I start saving now, maybe in August (of 2012? Yes I’m that broke) I can rock this suit like it’s 1929. And if I can’t wait until then (who needs to pay rent, anyway?), where’s the next polar plunge??
Seriously, I need this. NEED IT. Maybe I can make it double as a formal dress?

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