Gossip Cheat Sheet: Everyone Is Having Babies!

Lately, it seems like celebrities are doing things in groups more than usual – one week it was engagements, the next week it was breaking up, and this week, it’s all about babies. Add in some relationship rumors and Britney making yet another comeback, and you’ve got a pretty good week for Hollywood.
A Snow Day Filled With Long Naps
1. Britney’s back, bitches! You didn’t expect her to be gone for long, did you? Britney released her amazing new single, ‘Hold It Against Me’ this week, and it immediately made it to the top of the iTunes charts AND broke radio records. It leaked on Monday afternoon, even though it was supposed to be released at midnight. I, for one, cannot wait for the music video. In more awesome Britney news, she’s rumored to be performing at the Grammys. Yet another reason to watch.
2. Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson are both having babies at the same time. With different people, obviously. Kate announced her unplanned pregnancy with her boyfriend, Matt Bellamy from Muse. I’m guessing this means no A-Rod reunion any time soon. Owen announced he was going to be a father on Monday, Jan. 11, with his girlfriend Jade Buell. Do I hear wedding bells in the future for either of them?
3. Jewel and Tia Mowry AND Selma Blair are pregnant also.At least these two of those three are married, right? Jewel announced her pregnancy with her husband Ty Murray shortly after Owen Wilson did, and Tia Mowry followed close behind. She’s expecting her first child with her husband Cory Hardrict. Congrats and please, let’s not all give them weird names.
4. Justin Bieber and Zac Efron will be among the presenters at the Golden Globes. In an effort to ensure that every teenage girl in America will watch the Golden Globes, they made this announcement. I have to admit I’m pretty excited about it. The Biebs and Zac BOTH presenting? Even though Justin has absolutely nothing to do with movies (although I’m sure he’ll star in one soon enough), this is a pretty good marketing ploy.
5. Are Ryan Philippe and Amanda Seyfried dating? The latest relationship gossip went from Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams, to Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock, and now to Ryan Phillippe and Amanda Seyfried. Any other single hot Ryan’s out there that need to be paired up with a cute actress? Anyway, the two have been spotted together looking adorable, and a source told People that “they’re really into each other”. They’d definitely have some cute blonde babies, that’s for sure.
A Snow Day Spent Catching Up On Work
1. You HAVE to watch these hilarious Golden Globe spoofs. Popeater.com put together this amazing list of spoofs of the best movies from 2010. These spoofs are actually hysterical, more so if you’ve seen the movie, obviously. They’ve got Inception, The Social Network, Black Swan, The Fighter, The Town, and Toy Story 3. Ladies, keep yourselves entertained and ready for the Golden Globes.
2. Nicole Kidman admits to using Botox. Well, I mean… obviously.
3. Blake Lively is kind of the luckiest girl ever. She dated Penn Badgley, is pretty much Karl Lagerfeld’s muse, and has been romantically linked to Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, Adrian Grenier and now… Leonardo DiCaprio. The two were spotted together at a party and the rumors began. Life is just not fair sometimes.
4. A.J. McLean is going back to rehab. He didn’t give any reasons for checking himself back into rehab, but he’s been there twice already for substance abuse and drinking. Aw, A.J…..
5. Pretty Little Liars was picked up for a second season. If you’re not watching this show, please start. It’s kind of awesome.

WTF Friday: Lock it Up Ladies!
WTF Friday: Lock it Up Ladies!
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