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Single Girl Society: Being Single Doesn’t Mean Being On The Prowl 24/7


In the last year, it seems as though being single has been my specialty. While flings and hookups have come and gone (pun intended) and dates have left me with some less than desirable memories, my current single status has remained loyally by my side. I’ve learned a lot in the past year and I’ve discovered that single girls around the world are all in the same fabulous pair of shoes.

So if you’re sick of sitting at a table for one, eating a meal portioned for two, I cordially invite you to join The Single Girl Society, where being single is more than status, it’s a lifestyle. Of course, with everything in life, the single girl lifestyle comes with rules and I’ve picked up quite a few along the way. So kick back, grab a drink and let the lessons I’ve learned serve as your very own roadmap to transitioning to and enduring the single life.

Lesson 7: Being Single Doesn’t Mean Being On The Prowl 24/7

Look ladies, we’re single, we’re not in heat! Somehow single girls picked up this stereotype of being blood-thirsty, man-chasing robots and I, for one, think it’s about time we rid ourselves of this awful (but mostly just vomit-inducing) image.

Half the fun of being is single is knowing that your time is 100 percent yours – you decide how you spend it and who you spend it with. Why commit all of your time to finding someone else when you’ve already got yourself?

Lately I’ve encountered girls who feel the need to guilt and reprimand themselves for forgoing makeup during a daytime lunch for fear that, gasp, a man would look over! Before I can even verbally assault them, the girls pull out their compact mirrors to swipe on gloss, fluff up their hair and put on their best pouty face. (What’s that lipstick shade called again? Oh yeah, Desperation.) I’ve never seen such beautiful girls in such an ugly light.

It’s those same girls who spend their single lives compiling endless lists of traits they insist a man they date must possess (oh you know, the usual stuff, a close relationship with his family, dashing smile, impeccable style and a Black AmEx, of course) and it’s those same girls that are making the rest of us look bad.

As single girls we’re all so busy running around and preparing ourselves for a guy who doesn’t even exist yet and for what? To feel even worse when we finally realize that we’re still alone (and broke)?

Being single is like a free pass to be selfish. It’s amazing! Relationships are time consuming and exhausting and expensive, (hello, those Friday night date outfits don’t just magically appear in our closets!) so why not enjoy your singlehood and make your time yours again?

Go to the gym because you want to, not because you want to look skinny the next time you randomly run into your ex. Read the books you’ve been meaning to read because you want to, not because you want to impress your insanely sexy TA. Get a mani/pedi because you want to treat yourself, not because it’s one of the steps in your “Get-Dolled-Up-And-Get-A-Man” routine.

There’s no rule that says as single women, we’re obligated to be on a manhunt. So the next time you’re all “hair done, nails done, everything done, oh you fancy huh?” you might want to ask yourself if the time you spent getting fancy could’ve have been better spent doing something you actually enjoy (like hosting a Gossip Girl marathon for one in the privacy of your living room and your flannel pajamas).

What do you say? You with me…or are you too busy getting all gussied up? Sound off below, single girls!

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