CES 2011 Student Gadget Roundup

The following is a guest post by our (nerdy yet totally helpful) friends at Hack College. Check ‘em out for all your techy needs. They’re like the nerdy boyfriend you never had but always needed.

You spend the majority of your time living and breathing technology. If you’re not checking the latest Hulu clips on your iPhone, then you’re Googling ways to fix your laptop after you made it be the DJ at a foam party. And that’s why CES, the yearly Consumer Electronics Show, is the most awesome place on earth. Every company that has ever made anything cool goes to CES to show off their latest gadgets. But since not every regular college student gets an invite, we’re lucky to have the Hack College guys there to show us what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s going to make the iPad look more outdated than a flip phone.

Gadget List

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