59 Things to Do With a Day Off

Here are 59 cheap, fun, and easy activities that everyone can do on their day off. And yes, sleep in is one of them.

  1. Recover from the thirsty weekend without guilt.

  2. Film a lip dub. Lady Gaga is always a fun choice, and there is always the possibility that she will Tweet you to fame amongst her little monsters.

  3. Rewrite that resumé and polish up that portfolio, this is the time to apply for part-time jobs and internships that start in May!

  4. Day-cation. Find somewhere fun in your town to spend the day. Preferably free.

  5. Better yet, take a trip! Everyone needs a vacation from their vacation, right?

  6. Find a scenic landscape and have a photoshoot. You and your friends are all overdue for new profile pictures.

  7. Movie (hopping) marathon. Ryan Reynolds has a new movie out this weekend and you know you’ve been wanting to see Black Swan.

  8. Study? Nah.

  9. Make a photo collage for your side of the room. If you want motivation, create an “I Want” board out of magazine cutouts with everything that’s on your wish list.

  10. Burn a CD (or make a new iPod playlist) of your favorite songs. If your iTunes library has mutated into the thousands, this task could take all day.

  11. Host a clothing swap with your friends. You save money and a trip to the mall while finally cleaning your closet and getting new clothes (new to you, at least).

  12. Start the P90X workouts. Again.

  13. Do it like a middle school sleepover and take a spa day – manis, pedis and maybe even that haircut you’ve been needing (hint: you need it).

  14. S’mores. Even if you don’t have a gas stove, you definitely have a microwave.

  15. Errands? Goodness, no.

  16. Hit up a show: stage musical, poetry reading, improv comedy troupe, concert. Especially now that Gossip Girl is on hiatus, there’s no excuse for putting off quality amusement anymore.

  17. Head to a busy place and pretend you are a trend hunter. Walk up to random people in cool outfits, introduce your work, and spend the day taking fashion photography.

  18. Work out. HARD. Then reward yourself with some delicious desserts.

  19. Try a new recipe! Plenty of time to mess up and start over, if necessary.

  20. Experiment with a new make up routine in the safety of your own apartment.

  21. Go through your Facebook and detag the unflattering photos – both personally and professionally. It will be a very productive day off!

  22. Recollect your walks of shame and submit your Morning After story to College Candy.

  23. Write some snail mail letters to your friends at other schools. Who doesn’t love getting a letter over an email?

  24. Paint. Even if you are awful, there’s nothing more satisfying than covering a blank canvas with whatever you’re feeling. If it sucks, just claim it’s abstract.

  25. Play in the snow. Soon it will be gray and dirty and disgusting, so make a snow angel while you still can without risking an infection.

  26. Hit up CVS, buy color-in-a-box, and dye your hair.

  27. Have an internet sabbath. For the entire day, shut off your computer and see what the boredom inspires you to do.

  28. Sleep! Sleep in, take a nap, go to bed early. Just catch up on your shut-eye and recharge for the following week.

  29. Go home for the day, enjoy mom’s cooking, and relax.

  30. Visit a friend at a different school.

  31. Play a pickup game of soccer with some friends

  32. Clean out your makeup drawer – did you know that most products have a pretty short shelf life?

  33. Break out the old Saved By The Bell DVDs and have a marathon.

  34. Make a collage box.  It’s easy, all you have to do is grab an old shoe box and cover it with magazine clippings.  If you come up with something really great, use it as a gift box.

  35. Paint your room.  A simple pop of color on one wall will really add dimension and the illusion of size.  Pick a color like yellow if you need an instant mood lift.

  36. Organize a cook-off with your closest friends.  Assign one dish to each person and then have a dinner party with the results (it may be a good idea to set aside pizza money….you know, just in case.)

  37. Speaking of pizza, vow to try a new exotic topping on your day off.  Truffle oil and artichokes taste fab.

  38. Make a YouTube video showing the world how you create those perfect spiral curls.

  39. Set up a LinkedIn profile.  It’s never too early to make connections.

  40. Start a blog.

  41. Challenge your friends to a FIFA tournament.

  42. (If you’re lucky enough to go to school in a warm place) Have a picnic! (If not, have an indoor picnic.) Spread a blanket out on the quad and indulge in goodies like pasta salad and miniature sandwiches.  Make sure you bring enough for the all the new friends that you’re sure to make.

  43. Brainstorm ideas for a new club or student org.

  44. Day drink!  Ordinarily we don’t condone alcoholism, but since you’re just starting a new semester, we’ll let it slide.  Get your friends together for a day of cocktail making and see how many fun drinking games you can come up with.

  45. Write fan fiction for your favorite TV show.  It’s not only for twelve-year-old girls and creepy old men.

  46. Try the new mutli-colored nail trend.  That way, you have a day to decide whether or not you’re a fan before you debut the look in public.

  47. Make a scrapbook!

  48. Re-vamp your wardrobe.  Cut up old t-shirts, add brooches to blazers, just be creative!

  49. Go online shopping and compile a wish list. Then you’ll have a reason to start saving that money.

  50. Donate old clothes and shoes, especially if you have old winter coats lying around.  They could really benefit those who are less fortunate.

  51. Try out a dance workout DVD.  You may look like an idiot, but you’ll have fun and hopefully sweat off the calories from last night’s cookie break.

  52. Have a Disney movie marathon.

  53. Make a DIY Blair Waldorf style headband with craft supplies.

  54. Cut out inspirational quotes and tape them all over your room.

  55. Write a Facebook note with your own list of things you’d like to do on your next day off.  Tag your friends and challenge each of them to contribute new ideas.

  56. Buy a piñata, fill it up with candy, and invite your friends over to take swings.

  57. Call your high school BFF for a catch up session.

  58. Stock up on fresh fruit and make a delish smoothie.  Circulate your concoction through your hallway and challenge floormates to come up with a better combo.

  59. Nail your favorite necklaces to your wall – not only is this a great way to store jewelry, it also makes a super cute decoration.

Whew! That should keep you busy. And if it doesn’t, I’m sure there will be a Kardashian marathon you can enjoy…

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