Get Free Textbooks for a Year! [Giveaway]

School is starting soon and although I am fully stoked to party it up with my long-lost friends (we’re seriously having separation anxiety!), I keep thinking about how much money this semester is going to cost me. Mainly, the dreaded textbooks purchase.
I always try to get through the semester buying the least amount of books possible, but this semester I’ve loaded up on psychology courses. And for any Psych majors or minors out there, you know what that means – 100+ dollars for the latest editions (times 4 in my case!).
While my education is important, I have to believe that I can get my learn on without giving up my new shoe money! So I did some intense Googling combined with some asking around and came across
Now I’ve heard about renting books before, but I’ve always been into buying them; you know, just on the off-chance I’d want to keep them. Well in the 3-and-a-half years I’ve been in college the only books I’ve kept are ones that couldn’t be sold back, which means I’ve been throwing away money like it’s my j-o-b and I’ve finally realized the value of renting books.
So now you’re all like, okay, I like the idea of renting books, but what if I do miraculously love my economics book and don’t want to part with it?
Well if you decide you want to buy the book from BookRenter, you just keep it and pay the original purchase price! Or if you need to keep it for longer, like say maybe you had to take an incomplete in your Biology class and need the book to make up some tests, you can just extend the rental period.
And if you’re like me and need to highlight important passages or take little notes in the margins, which is another reason I’ve stayed away from rentals, BookRenter’s OK with that, too. Well, as long as you don’t go crazy with your doodles and mark up every. last. page. Minimal markings are fine (both for your GPA and for BookRenter) and really, there’s no need to go all Picasso with the highlighter in the margins.
So let’s get real…textbooks cost, like, what – $700 to $1,000 a year? Why not rent for a fraction of that? Not to mention with the money you are saving you can invest in stocks or a stellar summer internship wardrobe or a really cute Chanel bag.
But wait, it gets better! (Do I sound like an infomercial guy yet?) BookRenter is giving away 1-year’s worth of free textbooks to a CollegeCandy reader!! Um, an entire year’s worth of not having to worry if I can buy the expensive wine or not? YES, PLEASE! Not to mention, registration is super easy; just fill in some basic info (name, email, class year..that’s it) and you’re good to go. The catch? It’s only open until January 31st,  so get your little butt over there and sign up now!!
And if you’re not already convinced that book renting is for you, this will just make your heart melt — BookRenter promotes child literacy! With every order you make, BookRenter makes a donation to FirstBook, which provides free books to children in need. So not only are you saving bundles of money yourself, but you’re giving free books to children in need! Yay for literacy!
I know you might still be on the fence, but take it from a girl who never would’ve considered renting before this site and just give it a shot. With most books listed at nearly 75% off the bookstore price, you will be amazed at what you can save.
What have you got to lose? Well, besides missing out on the contest deadline!

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