You Don't Need a Facebook Account to Creep One

None of these people are my friends and I now know they have a love for our favorite sparkley vampire

OK, so I don’t want to beat a dead horse here/lecture you like your dad, but that’s what I’m about to do. And you’re gonna like it.
Today’s lecture:
You have to be careful about what you’re putting online.
I know, I know – we’ve said it a bajillion times on CollegeCandy. And yeah, I know you’ve set your Facebook privacy settings and re-set them every time Zucks makes a change that leaves you more exposed than that time you thought you locked the bathroom door at the frat party and you got caught squatting with your lady bits out, but I have just learned that none of that matters. Thanks to some holes in Facebook security, it is possible for anyone (even if they’re one of those weird people who don’t have Facebook accounts…seriously, WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?!) to search for anyone’s status updates.
And someone set up a website to do just that.
I’m taking all status updates. From the just-for-my-fellow-drunken-BFFs “Just downed a bottle of tequila, dropped my cell in the toilet and now we’re going streaking” to the only-people-who-know-me-and-would-never-rob-me-can-see-this “Hitting up Mexico with the fam for 2 weeks! HOTNESS,” it’s all out there for everyone with an internet connection to see. Oh and don’t worry, you don’t even have to post the status – it brings up any status with your name in it, as well as showing all results for your name.
The site lets you search public Facebook updates using Facebook’s own search service. And if you’re logged in while using it, you get the added bonus of viewing the searchee’s full profile. Creeptastic? I’d say so.
With this new site, your status updates are now available for the entire planet to view now and for.e.ver (Sandlot style). Just think of how a future job, college or potential bank loan might be affected if they see some..ahem..not so flattering status updates.
Looks like my boy Markey Z isn’t so sweet after all.
But don’t start sending him hate mail just yet. I promise that this site wasn’t created with “ruining your professional life” in mind. It was actually made to make it easier for Facebook users to control and understand the privacy settings available to them. Kind of in a scaring you straight way, minus the scary prison and the possibility of getting shanked. The creators even came up with a new privacy proposal to help Markey Z make the right decisions! They also have this great idea of making all new accounts private by default. (Hey Mark, are you listening yet?) For right now though, that’s not really what people are using the site for…
So what is this site that’s exposing your personal life to the world?
Click here to see it.

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