Bachelor Recap: Or Is This 'To Catch a Predator'?

"I have to go. You're older than my dad."

Another week, another episode of The BachelorAs I said last week, Brad’s not my favorite guy.  Seriously, did he really bring his therapist on the show tonight to squeeze in a quick soul-searching sesh?  Oy!  But since I’m not drooling over him as I did some of the other previous Bachelor/ette participants (Andrew Firestone, Reid Rosenthal, Cape Cod Chris, etc.), I am paying closer attention to the show itself.  And guess what?  It’s scary!
Did you know that Brad’s 38?  The oldest woman recruited for the show is 32.  Miss Melissa, the waitress from Connecticut, is six years Brad’s junior and was denied a rose the second week. (Although, to be fair, I have a feeling it had less to do with her age and more to do with her Vienna horse face/the fact that she was CRAZY.)  Currently, the oldest two women are only 30 – Meghan and Scary Michelle.  The youngest members on Team Brad?  Three women are…wait for it…24.  Two years out of college and they’re competing for the love of a guy who’s almost 40.  Now I’m not age-ist and I’m not saying relationships built despite such large age gaps can’t work.  But (and this is a big “but”) I do feel as though now is an appropriate time to direct your attention to Article 113 of the Official Bro Code.
Sure, the rule was written by Barney Stinson, one of television’s most infamous lady players, but doesn’t that make even a stronger case for obeying the Code?  If even a skeeze like fictional Barney takes issue with dating women shockingly younger than himself, why does very-real, very-vindicated Brad 2.0 believe he can succeed with someone fourteen years younger?  For the record, if we’re following the “half Brad’s age plus seven” logic, then only nine of the remaining women are age-appropriate (and of those, most barely make it)!  If you don’t believe me, take a look yourself.
For a changed man who’s truly all about finding The One, it would seem like TV cameras, mass publicity, and the heightened reality of ultra-romantic dates would pose a big enough challenge on a budding relationship.  Toss in the fact that the majority of these women aren’t even part of his generation and wow!  What do Brad and his dates talk about?  How white their teeth are and how much they both love lying out by the pool?  Or maybe how Chris Harrison’s such a swell dude for setting them up with a private concert from Seal? (And don’t even get me started on Seal being a part of this show. Heidi, really? You let that happen?)
I have no idea.  But it’s unsettling nonetheless.
What do you think of last night’s Bachelor? Michelle’s craziness? The action movie date? Your heart meltiness for Emily? The fact that Lindsay is still around and we’ve never heard her talk? Sound off below!

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