Greek Speak: So You Want to Date a Frat Boy….

It’s a new year, it’s cold and watching all those romantic dates on The Bachelor has you pining away for a boy toy of your own. Boy toy? Let me rephrase. You’re not just looking for a guy on the side. You want something more permanent. Dare I say it? Boyfriend. You want a freaking boyfriend.
For some of us that word is so taboo; relationships have never come easy and are now a miserable and dreaded topic of conversation. Still, I think it’s safe to say that the average sorority woman might be looking for a little something more than a cuddle buddy.
But where are we supposed to find Prince Charming? Last I checked, Channing Tatum and Shia LaBeouf weren’t grabbing their morning lattes from the campus Starbucks…
I know what you’re thinking – the fraternities, right? Sure, it’s convenient. Sig Ep and Delta Chi are right down the street and it’s so easy to just walk over there every night and shack (shacking: see Urban Dictionary).  But fellow sister – you are so wrong. Why? Take it from me, living the frat-girlfriend life is moderately to severely miserable.
Check it.

Forget about it. Between you living in the sorority house and him living in the fraternity house…there isn’t any. Don’t lie to yourself- your house has a strict “no boys upstairs” rule, at least not over night. Not that it would matter since you’ve got 3 girls living in what should be considered a closet. So stay at his place… in cold air. (Cold air: dorm full of fraternity men that hear and see everything.) And that just covers the sleeping arrangements. The first time you try to find an available TV lounge to snuggle up and watch a chick flick together… yeah, good luck.

Bros before Hos.
Yep, you’ve heard it before and it’s no different for us sorority girls. Whether it’s an intramural game, case race, or some other bro-bonding experience we will come last. Yeah, yeah there are a select few great guys out there that are decent boyfriends and do their best to balance the time between their bromance and romance, but when you’re balancing 30 or more dudes and one girlfriend, the dudes always win.
Just one of the guys.
Don’t expect any special treatment. If you are going to date a fraternity guy, prepare to be treated like one. The crude jokes, the cheap drinks, and the sub-par living environment are a package deal. Appealing right?
My advice? Start exploring other options. At least you know the guys in Chem lab are actually going somewhere in life; I mean, they have a future in something other than professional beer bonging. Sure they might not be where the party is every weekend, but you can always bring ’em to the frats work on that.
Have YOU had a bad experience dating a fraternity guy? How do you make things work with your fraternity boyfriend? Want to see what a frat boy had to say about this post?

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