Put This On Your iPod: Mumford and Sons' Sigh No More

[Sarabeth here, back with some more jams to add to your iTunes library! Every Wednesday, I’m bringing you music suggestions – could be something new, old, hugely popular or fairly unknown –  to awesome-ify your  collection.]
When the Grammy nominations were released for this year, I was thrilled to see that Mumford and Sons were up for best new artist and best rock song for “Little Lion Man.” (Fingers crossed they’ll beat the Biebs!) I heard that song last year on the radio and I instantly loved it so much I ran (yes, ran) home to download their album, Sigh No More. And let me tell you, and every track is better than the last. So more than any other, this is one album I just had to share with you all.
About the Band: Mumford and Sons are a folk rock band from London consisting of Marcus Mumford, Ben Lovett, “Country” Wilson Marshall, and Ted Dwane. Sigh No More is their debut album, and they have been featured on multiple shows like Grey’s Anatomy, the short-lived Lone Star, and the UK Skins.
Top 3 Tracks:
Little Lion Man
The Cave
White Blank Page
Why You Should Listen to Them:
This is a band that has an incredible amount of heart. Every song on this album is full of raw emotion. And that makes sense, since the band is made up of a group of guys who are passionate about music, which definitely shows. I tend to listen to this when I have a long drive home at night and need to stay awake – it’s too hard to fall asleep when you’re belting out these songs! They also prove that banjos can totally have a place in popular music, so more power to them. Here’s hoping they walk away victorious from the Grammy’s this year!
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