Wardrobe Wish List: TOMS Black Women's Glitters

I hate to admit it, but I totally missed the TOMS boat last season. I remember walking around in my neighborhood, and noticing every girl who walked by was wearing them, which was surprising to me because the first time I saw someone wearing them I thought they were vintage.
“Has everyone been wearing TOMS and I missed the memo on how wonderful they are?” I thought to myself, looking down at my tattered flip flops.
I have to admit, when I first saw that girl wearing these (let me defend my vintage perception by explaining they were dirty and a mustard color) I was not a fan. Given the condition they were in and the way the fabric wrapped around her feet in that unique shape, I kind of thought they made her feet look like mummies. “Ew,” I thought to myself. “Is that some new hipster shoe?”
But, as with most trends, it didn’t take long for me to change my tune and realize they’re utterly perfect. And not just because of the motto and mission of the company: “With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for One.™”
Let’s just talk about how cute this glitter style is! My main obsession with these is that they’re more than just super practical flats (because if I only wore shoes because they were practical I wouldn’t have scars on my knees from too-high heels and my sneakers wouldn’t be sitting in the back of my closet under a pile of dirty laundry). I’m digging these TOMS because they’re the fashion trifecta: unique, adorable and sensible.
The Black Glitters are my I-can’t-stop-thinking-about-them-and-planning-outfits-around-them favorites. They’re not as in your face as the gold and silver, or as Barbie-girl as the pink (though, quite honestly, if I could afford multiples I’d probably just buy them all). These would be so awesome for wearing to class when you don’t want to be too dressed up but you don’t want to be the schlub in a sweat suit. They’re an extra umph to an outfit, guaranteed to take any comfortable ensemble to the next level of fashionable. And they’re better than regular flats because of the way they hug your foot. Perfect with skinny jeans, I could wear these on one of those long days running around the city, never having to worry about getting hit by a cab because I lost a flat halfway across the street.
But, thanks to that sparkle, they’re also great for a night out. Slip them on with some ankle jeans and a basic top and you’ve got just enough pizazz for the occasion and your feet won’t hurt like a mofo 3 minutes into the night. [Editor’s Note: Just don’t wear them in the rain. Trust me on that one.]
I may have been a little late to jump on the TOMS bandwagon, but I’m here now. And every time I wear my new black shoes (which, let’s be honest, is daily), I not only look damn good, but I feel even better knowing there’s a child out there rockin’ a pair, too.

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