Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife – Antoine Dodson's Getting a TV Show

It used to be that reality shows were reserved for D-List celebrities and rich, catty, bored, Botoxed housewives. But not anymore. Just ask YouTube sensation Antoine Dodson. Dude went from “random guy whose house was broken into” to business mogul (he had his own Halloween costume, yo), recording artist (with a performance on the BET Awards!) and now, a full-fledged TV star with his own show.
Yes, it’s true. And while the intellectual, high brow part of my brain wants to scoff at such a blatant mockery of television programming, I can’t deny that I’ll watch it. And DVR it. And watch it again.

WTF Friday: Someone Start Her a Therapy Fund
WTF Friday: Someone Start Her a Therapy Fund
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