CC Beauty Live: The Bang Trim

I love my bangs, but when they get too long and unruly, it can be a huge pain. While there are some cute ways to pin them back, I’d rather have them down. But how can I have them down if they’re hanging in my eyes? It’s not like I have endless time or money to be popping into the salon for a trim.
What’s a girl to do?
Grab your scissors, girls. We’re gonna learn to trim!
A lot of you have asked about how to trim your bangs and I’m going to show you. In this video, I go through how to trim and style swoop bangs. For those looking for a blunt/straight across trim, that might happen in the near future if I get bored with my hair, but for now you can follow the same kind of process I’m doing here.
A little advice: Breathe. It really is easy once you get over the nerves! But seriously, if you were bad with safety scissors as a kid, just go to the salon. Oftentimes if you know your stylist well, they’ll fit you in and give you a little bang trim for free between regular haircuts.
Got something you want me to cover? Post it in the comments below. And don’t forget to check out my other videos right here!

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