Intro to Cooking: Potato Chip Chicken Tenders

I have a feeling there are lots of half-empty bags of potato chips around our rooms now that we are coping with the stress of a brand new semester. (Or…er….uh….always?) Perfect. You have the not-so-secret ingredient for this week’s fun, tasty, and super-easy recipe:
Potato Chip Chicken Tenders.
….And if you don’t, well, start eating, ladies! You’ve got some dinner to make!
2 lbs skinless, boneless chicken strips (you can buy ’em already cut up!)
1 cup crushed potato chips (any flavor)
2 teaspoons of melted butter
1. Thoroughly wash your chicken strips after taking them out of the package.
2. Put the melted butter in one bowl. Put your crushed potato chips in another. Dip the strips in the butter and then roll them in the crumbs to coat them.
3. Place the strips in a glass baking dish. Bake for 45 minutes at 375 degrees.
Add even more flavor to your potato chip chicken tenders with dipping sauces to compliment your chips (barbecue sauce, ranch dip, and nacho cheese work great with this recipe). Now that you’ve found something to do with the crumbs at the bottom of the chip bag, you’ll just have to party more often!
Curious about foreign cuisine? Want to see vegan, gluten-free, or diabetic recipes? Need something quick and easy? Drop your suggestions in the comment box and I’ll see what I can cook up!
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