In Our Makeup Bag: BECCA Fallen Angel Palette

What It Is:
BECCA Fallen Angel Palette

Why This Should Be in Your Bag:
One of makeup’s biggest mysteries is which lipsticks and lipglosses go together. Often, I think two colors will be complementary, but once I get them home and try them on, they couldn’t be farther from “matching.” BECCA has created a foolproof palette that contains a dual lip & cheek creme and lipgloss in matching shades, and they’ve also tossed in a highlighter, so your lip and cheek looks are completely covered.
In this palette you get a lip & cheek creme in Nectar (tawny peach), a lipgloss in Sunrise (sheer peach) and highlighter in Narcissus (opalescent peach). Clearly, BECCA is going with a peach theme here, but I think the color descriptions are pretty bang-on.

Sunrise, Nectar, Narcissus

How To Use It:
The palette comes with a mini lip brush that works great for applying both lip products. Swipe on the lip & cheek creme in Nectar, followed by the lipgloss in Sunrise, for a nice, bright lip. The gloss really kicks it up a notch, so if you’re looking for more subdued, just wear the lip & cheek creme.
As for your cheeks, the lip & cheek creme blends great. I like to use my finger (after washing of course!) and smear some color on my cheeks, followed by highlighter on my upper cheekbones. Voila!

CC Rating: B+
As always, BECCA delivers on quality. The lip & cheek creme is super creamy, making it easy to use on both lips and cheeks. It blends well and when buffed out with a neutral toned powder (I used MAC “Her Own Devices”), it imparts a beautiful, year-round flush for your cheeks. This combo has become a new favorite “cheek” look of mine, but unfortunately, just wouldn’t translate in any photos.
Although I do like the lip combo, I have a hard time wearing it on my wintery, pale skin. It’s just a tad too warm. I’m excited to try it out in the summer time, but think that for right now it might have to stay in my drawer. However, tanned beauties will find it lovely and can definitely work it year round!
Overall, for a cheek look, this palette gets an A+. However, the lip look is a bust for winter, so that is what is holding this product back. If it’s still available come spring/summer, I think it would be a smart buy. Again, BECCA price tags aren’t the lowest out there, but the quality is good and worthy!

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