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When It Comes To Sex, There’s a Lot of Freaky Ish Going Down


I like to think of myself as a sexual being.

I like sex. A lot. I like trying fun new positions and having sex in fun new places. Hell, I’ve made it through 174.5 of the positions in “Sex 365 – A Position for Every Day” (the half was due to an ill timed Charley horse that left my partner bleeding profusely from the nose…) and I’ve even dabbled in a little role playing.

But with all of that on my sexual resume (note to self: make sure not to accidentally send that resume out when applying for jobs), it seems there’s a lot about sex that I wasn’t aware of. I’m talking weird fetishes and fantasies that get people – a lot of them! – all hot and bothered.

Intrigued? Scared? Excited to try something new with your S.O.?

Check out 10 cray cray sexual practices right here.

I always keep brownies in my purse. Right next to my flask. And a pack of orange mint Orbit.