Wardrobe Wish List: Sally Hansen Salon Effects

I have a firm belief that it’s impossible to look polished without nail polish. It’s the final accessory to an outfit that not only completes a look, but makes you look utterly put together. It’s so important that it of course slips my mind until the last minute all the time.
Nail polish and I have never been friends. I’m the girl who doesn’t realize she’s wearing dark blue nails until five minutes before she has to leave for an interview. I didn’t paint my nails for years because I knew, despite strict instructions on how to do a perfect at-home mani, that I did not have the patience to wait for them to dry, or the ability to stop checking if they are dry every five seconds only to smudge them with my grubby paws. I’ve left streaks of polish all over my apartment and have only had a wonderful set of nails when I’ve shelled out the cash at a salon because I’m inept at painting my own. And there is nothing less satisfying than paying for a great look, only to find it chipped the next morning.
Sally Hansen heard my plight, and finally came out with a product I’ve been holding my breath over for years (which was dangerous, to say the least). They’re called Salon Effects Polish Strips, which are so much better than the nail stickers I had prayed (with my chipping nails pointing towards the heavens) for all these years.
Simply put, they’re amazing. For less than 10 dollars, you can pick up this nail kit with a variety of shapes to fit your nails that last up to 10 days. They come in 24 different shades and they. are. awesome. There are muted, plain shades if you need professional digits, plus glitters, animal prints, and some fantastic fashion prints like my favorite, lace.
And if all that doesn’t get you excited, I have a feeling this little video will make you squeal. (At least it did for me.)
I really could not have asked for more. The application is easy (stick and file), the price is ridiculously good in comparison to those no-chip manicures that promise to last as long (that cost around 50 bucks), and it only takes nail polish remover to get rid of these when you’re ready for a change!
I can see it already, my glittery nails holding a drink, my lacey nails matching my outfit, my professional tips not stressing me out over smudges or chips before an interview. I just have to find them first. These aren’t even posted on the Sally Hansen website yet, but you can already get your needy nailed hands on them in Target, Walmart and Walgreens (if they’re not already sold out!).
Let’s all raise a glass to these Sally Hansen Salon Effects, day after day for 10 days. (Editor’s Note: Sounds like a bender to me, ladies….) The only difference to your regular college routine will be that this time, that glass will be held with perfectly manicured nails.
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