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9 Believeable Things That Happen When You Laugh Too Hard


I think it’s pretty obvious that Charlie Sheen has a problem. And that problem is his PR team. I mean the guys can’t even come up with a semi-realistic excuse for why Charlie Sheen was in the hospital yesterday. They’re claiming that he suffered a hernia from, wait for it, laughing too hard at the TV.

I’m sorry. If they’re going to just make stuff up, they might as well have more fun with it. Like “Charlie Sheen was doing yoga when a unicorn charged into his room and stabbed him in the stomach while the tooth fairy live-blogged the entire event.”

So just in case anyone out there actually believes Charlie Sheen had to go to the hospital from laughing too hard, we thought we would remind you what really happens when you laugh too hard at the TV:

1. You pee your pants.

2. You change the channel to Two and a Half Men to get a hold of your laughter.

3. You ROTF.

4. You choke on something you’re eating, make your roommate give you the Heimlich, and remember this is why you will never live alone.

5. You do a spit take…and instantly regret deciding to drink that red wine while wearing a white shirt. Dammit.

6. You take a photo of the pants you just peed in and mobile upload to Facebook. Within minutes there are 14 likes, 2 “WTF” comments, and one message from your mom saying “call me, incontinence runs in the family.”

7. You throw your suitcase full of cocaine at the wall and start yelling obscenities at the porn stars you invited over

8. You GChat your friend and say LOLing, for real, I’m actually laughing out loud, not just saying it because I don’t know what else to say!

9. You ROTF so hard and so long that you get disoriented and accidentally R O your cat.

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