CollegeCandy's Guide to Online Shopping

The internet provides us ladies with a vast array of possibilities. It allows us to catch up on our favorite television shows, Google important questions we can’t get out of our head, and Facebook stalk out ex-boyfriends all from the comfort of our bed. To put it simply; it’s fabulous. But probably the most fabulous thing about the internet  is the unlimited shopping. It’s a mall that never closes.
So many ways to find the perfect pair of boots! Sites created just to help you find the best necklace! Blogs determined to make you trendy!
I’m a bit of an expert in this whole online shopping area, so in an effort to share my wisdom with you I’ve listed my top five shopping sites. You’re welcome.

1. Because these are designers you won’t know. These are pieces you won’t have seen before.  Lulu’s features designers from all around the world and only snags a few of each piece. So if you want an item no one else will be wearing, this is where you should be shopping. And if you really want a super unique piece, check out their vintage collection. They’ve got it all from jumpsuits to bell bottoms — at prices that won’t break the bank.
The best part? The atmosphere of the entire website. It’s warm and welcoming and so girly you just can’t help but giggle. From the awesome names of their ensembles to the cute descriptions that accompany them, Lulu’s feels like more than just a shopping site; it’s a shopping experience. And in my opinion, it’s one no girl should go without.
2. My personal favorite. I’m on this website so often that Google Chrome has suggested I make it my homepage, and I’ve been tempted to take them up on that offer. If I did, though, I’d eventually have to sell everything I own just to pay the credit card bills, including my laptop…and then I wouldn’t be able to shop anymore. But back to Zappos. All designer brands at discount prices. They’re best known for their awesome shoe selection, but they also have bags, sunglasses, coats and clothes.
The best part? Their customer service. Free standard shipping on all purchases and returns. And every once in a while, if you’re a valued customer like yours truly, they’ll even throw you free overnight shipping. THIS IS NOT A MYTH! It’s happened to me on more than one occasion. Wait, I lied; that’s not even the best part. This is: 365 DAY RETURN POLICY!
3. I’ve often been known to spend hours on this site gazing adoringly at the beautiful clothes. Granted, most of the time I’ll make myself a wish list and then exit out of it immediately before I’m tempted to spend an entire semester’s tuition on that new coat. So, you know, I don’t order from them all that often. Instead,  Shopbop is saved for those special occasions when I need a really kickass dress to impress the hot guy I’ve been ogling all semester, or when I’m in need of a stand out piece that will really make a statement.
The best part? Their Shop Your Style feature, which lets you choose between Bohemian, Classic, Downtown, Casual Chic (that’s me!), and Girly. Then they direct you to all of those pieces they just know you’ll love, and won’t be able to resist. Can you say evil genius?

4. Perfect for the retro girl in all of us, ModCloth features vintage and retro clothing that is just as fabulous now as it was back in the day. All of their pieces feature cute names like the “Entertaining at Home” dress, or the “Vanilla Frosting Jacket.” And they all have extremely detailed, extremely personalized descriptions, which makes it super easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. And as if the clothes and accessories weren’t enough of a reason to shop there, ModCloth also has knickknacks, coffee table books, and jewelry stands for your dorm room. I mean, who doesn’t want a moose head key holder, right?
The best part? The unique pieces! You won’t find the stuff that you find on ModCloth anywhere else. High waisted swim suits? Dinosaur necklaces and earrings? Watermelon tote bags? How about a pepperoni pizza hair pin? is perfect for the girl with a fun, fresh sense of style.
5. The same people who brought you GAP, Old Navy, and Banana Republic, have now brought you Piperlime, your online shopping destination for anything that’s in. They put outfits together for you, have special tabs for workwear and rainwear as well as the girl on a budget, and they’re ALWAYS having sales. Personally I’m a fan of their shoe collection, but they also have jackets (especially that faux fur everyone’s been talking about) and all those bags you’ve been drooling over for years now. Plus, they have Rachel Zoe, giving you her top picks from all of their items.
The best part? They organize their clothes by trend. So you know those high-waisted jeans that are apparently coming back this spring? Or those super chunky wedges? Just head on over to Piperlime and look at their look of spring must-haves or their current obsessions. You’ll find yourself a vast array of absolutely anything you could possibly be looking for after searching the pages of InStyle. Oh, and they also have free standard shipping both ways.
Ever shopped on one of these sites before? Which is your favorite? Share below because, obvi, we’re always looking for more online shopping destinations…

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