Paris Fashion Week: Couture Designers Bring on the Crazy [GALLERY]

While Rachel Zoe won’t be going bananas at New York Fashion Week until February, our croissant eating friends spent this past week celebrating Haute Couture fashion in Paris. The world’s best designers dressed the world’s skinniest women in their hand-sewn wears as celebrities, stylists and fashion enthusiasts drooled from their seats.
From where I’m sitting though, it all looked like a whole lot of crazy.
I understand that fashion is completely subjective, but these Haute Couture designs seem like something that would worry Tim Gun and have Michael Kors shaking his overly tanned head. Giant ruffles? Boxy shapes? All those nip slips? This is the best these fashion legacies have to offer? And we’re supposed to love it?
I’m sure I’m supposed to be so excited that I just can’t hide it, but if this is the direction fashion is going, I’m so….scared.
Check out the craziest of the crazy of Paris Fashion Week below.

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