Single Girl Society: Stand By Your Single Sisters

In the last year, it seems as though being single has been my specialty. While flings and hookups have come and gone (pun intended) and dates have left me with some less than desirable memories, my current single status has remained loyally by my side. I’ve learned a lot in the past year and I’ve discovered that single girls around the world are all in the same fabulous pair of shoes.
So if you’re sick of sitting at a table for one, eating a meal portioned for two, I cordially invite you to join The Single Girl Society, where being single is more than status, it’s a lifestyle. Of course, with everything in life, the single girl lifestyle comes with rules and I’ve picked up quite a few along the way. So kick back, grab a drink and let the lessons I’ve learned serve as your very own roadmap to transitioning to and enduring the single life
So it’s been a month and half since you’re best friend got dumped (in the douchiest way possible) and she’s still going on and on about how she’s “totally over it even though his new girl looks like a little too much like Shaun White” and you’re not sure how much longer you can stand to hear her relationship woes. We’ve all been there, thinking to ourselves, “Well if you’re so over it, why are we still talking about it?”
The answer is simple. She’s not over it. But you sure as hell are. So what’s a girl to do when her wingwoman’s stuck in a rut?
Lesson 9: Stand By Your Single Sisters
Look, I know it’s cheesy but as single ladies, we’re only as good as the girls we surround ourselves with and when one of us is down, we’re all down.
Of course it gets frustrating sometimes, watching your formally single and fabulous bestie go from taking names (and numbers) and kicking ass to sullen and sunken into a sofa watching “The Notebook” and screaming at Rachel McAdams to “get a job and forget men already!” (True story.)
Sometimes the single life knocks us down and out but as single soldiers, it’s our job to stand by our friends and support them, even if that means having the hear Taylor Swift ballads pump through your apartment on repeat. The post-breakup version of your girlfriend needs you now more than ever because you love her even if her ex didn’t. Right now it’s her in tears but someday it will be you (if it hasn’t happened already).
Maybe the “sad and single” act is starting to get old and you’re itching to have those carefree nights out on town with your best friend – the one who made you laugh so hard you shot tequila out of your nose, not this possessed version who secretly makes you want to slit your wrists – but give it time. Eventually all of your post-breakup spa days and girls’ nights are going to pay off.
The only thing you can do is be there for your girls when they need you. And if you think her wailing “My Heart Will Go On” is a little over the top, then no offense, but get over yourself.
If you’re unsure of whether or not your girlfriend is truly appreciative of the time you put in to help her heal, then just wait til you’re in her shoes (because it’s bound to happen when you’re living the single life) and when she’s there agreeing with you that your ex “never appreciated you anyways,” you’ll know her moping wasn’t in vain.
The single life can be a rough and bumpy road and maybe right now it’s got one of your girlfriends on the bench but who knows – you could be next and it could be worse than what you’re currently going through with your friend. And when that day comes, I promise you, you’re going to want her by your side.
Take the time to tell a girlfriend how much you love or appreciate her today and don’t ever let your own exasperation get in the way of being there for a friend when she needs you the most.
My girlfriends are single, fabulous and most importantly, supportive. Yes, we cry and we break down and we curse the world and all the men in it. But we also dance nights away as they melt into mornings, laugh hysterically over all our dating fails and we lean on each other for everything – the good, the bad, and the heartbroken.
Being single is great but it’s far more fun to be single when you’ve got your sisters surrounding you. Whether they’re on top of the world or feeling a little burned by it, at least they’re by your side and that’s more than the guys you’ll cry over can say.
Get the first 8 rules of the Single Girl Society right here.

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