What's The Worst Hangover Advice You've Ever Gotten?

The  only thing worse than a horrible hangover is horrible hangover advice. Because the last thing you need when your head is pounding and you’re leaning over the toilet is someone telling you to chug 8 egg yolks, spin around backwards, and brush your hair 17 times.
So we threw the question out to our Facebook fans and asked them for the worst hangover advice they ever gotten. And it was pretty bad.
Here are our five faves:
“take a shot and chase it with coffee in the morning. i felt worse afterwards!” – Emily Pearl Scott
“I was told that the brunch buffet would cure my hangover…. plate 1: penne vodka, hash browns, red roasted potatoes. plate 2: bagel with cream cheese and lox, fruit salad. plate 3: fried chicken, biscuits with gravy, caesar salad. …. i havent felt right since.” – Brittany Combs
“Drink Milk and you’ll feel better. (NOT!)” – Rachel Elizabeth
“Eat raw fish soaked in vinegar and sauerkraut in the morning!???! Def not the thing to do!!” – Gloria Lintl
‎”. . . Oh you’ll be fine.” –  Katie Sellers
Check out our page to see all the other “great” advice and leave any of your own below!

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