The Weekly Ten: Drop That Class

Must. Get. Out. Of. This. Hell.

By now your semester is in full swing. It’s early enough that you’re still optimistic, but not so early that you’re wishing you could still sleep until noon everyday. You’ve unpacked your dorm, caught up with your friends, and even gotten settled into all of your classes. But are you really happy with all of your classes?
I don’t know when Add/Drop ends at every college, but its quickly approaching at mine. And I don’t really have much choice with the classes I’m taking this semester but you might. So I ask you, do you really want to take that class with 100+ pages of reading a night? The one with the horrible professor? With the not-so-cute guy? Is it really worth it? Think about it….and then drop that class while you still can!
Which classes should you sprint, not walk/run/mosey/skip/saunter, away from?

10. That annoying girl never stops talking. You know, the one that sits in the front of the class and raises her hand before the professor even finishes asking questions. She turns one word answers into forty minute monologues and always has an opinion on everything. You’ve only had two classes with her and you already know the sound of her voice better than your own. You thought maybe if you tuned her out, it wouldn’t bother you so much. But no such luck.
9. was completely wrong. So, so, so wrong. Whoever said this class was easy must have been evil, or a genius, or maybe just an evil genius. But whatever the reason that smiley face next to this professor’s name was terribly misleading.  This guy is bad news bears. He assigns more reading than all of your other classes combined. It’s the second week of classes and you have a test next class. A test you won’t be taking.
8. It’s an art class. It was supposed to be easy. You needed a fifth class. A fifth class that wasn’t on Fridays and wasn’t early in the morning. So you took a painting class. How hard could it be, right? Really, really hard. She actually expects you to be able to paint, like really paint. Watercolors. And that does not mean the same thing it meant when you were a kid. You know, when you dipped a wet paint brush in those  dry paints and had at some construction paper? Not like that at all.
7. The guy isn’t taking this class. The one you took Accounting 101 with last semester. The one you sat next to in every class. The one you apparently wasted a semester’s worth of flirting on. The hot one. He’s not in the class, even though he told you he would be. He’s not there, and you are. And you’re only there because he said he would be. Well, now you won’t be there either.
6. You don’t want to be a doctor that badly. Organic chemistry? Is it necessary? Is it really? For med school maybe, but not for the rest of your life. And is being a doctor really that important to you? I mean it’s only been your life goal since, like, middle school and all. Not that big of a deal. Totally not worth it. Just drop the class, drop it now.
5. It’s on Fridays. What were you thinking? There is absolutely no excuse that could even begin to make this acceptable.
4. No, they don’t let you out of three-hour classes early. Before now you’ve never taken a three hour class, but you figured ‘how bad could it actually be?’ You suffer through it one day and then you’re done for the rest of the week. And how long can one professor really talk for? There’s no way you’ll actually have to sit there for three hours. Right? Wrong, sister.
3. The professor hates you. Seriously, genuinely hates you. And you know this for a fact, because you had this guy last semester and your GPA dropped .6 points because of him. He can’t stand you. And you never would have willingly taken another class with him but the registrar’s office pulled a switch on you last minute and now Professor Stick Up His he’s replacing the newbie everyone loves. So now you’re stuck with him. Again. Unless you drop the class, that is.
2. A 7:30 a.m. class is inhumane. You have yet to make it to class on time. You just can’t wake up that early. You’re a college student and rising at 7 a.m. (you’ve decided to forgo food and a shower in favor of sleeping later) is biologically impossible. Even when you do get to bed early the night before you still can’t get up that early. And when you finally make it there, gulping down a cup of coffee as you take your seat, it still doesn’t work out. You don’t have the energy to take notes, or pay attention to anything your professor is saying at all. You’re too busy falling asleep at your desk.
1. You can always take it next semester. Or the semester after that. Or the one after that. Procrastination is a college student’s best friend. So why suffer today when you can put it off until next year. You still have plenty of time to take all those serious classes and do all that stuff that’s necessary for your graduation and education and all of that. So you can take it next semester. Unless you’re a second semester senior, then you’re screwed just going to have to deal with it.
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