Celebrity Kids We Want to Be…And Don’t Want to Be

These days in Hollywood, the children of celebrities are often overlooked. They’re more like the perfect accessory to an already awesome outfit than actual people. They’re like that great new designer everyone is wearing, but one that won’t ever go out of style. So we forget sometimes that these kids are actual people with actual lives. And the celebrities we fawn over are actually their parents. Like, their real parents. Just like ours…

Or not.

And well, we can’t help but think that for some of them, that must really, really suck. But for others, they’re living the life we dream about as we lay in bed late at night (after our Jake Gyllenhaal/Mark Salling threesome fantasy ends). So we did some research, some analyzing, figured out the networth pros and cons of each of these celebrity parents and so we propose to you the celebrities we’d love to have play parent to us…and those we wouldn’t even want as distant relatives.

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