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Are You A Social Media Oversharer?

Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr have (sadly) become a drug to our generation (and to our parents, all of a sudden). While social media definitely has its perks, it also has many cons, and I’m not just talking about how easy it is for my entire family to become friends with me and comment on every one of my statuses.
Perks: It allows people to keep in touch with old (and new) acquaintances, post and view pictures, spread the word about events on campus, meet people, and express themselves.
Not-so-perks: It also allows people to share (um) personal things. Really personal things (really often) that just make people feel really uncomfortable and awkward.
So how do you know if you’re using it all right or oh so horribly wrong? Here are just a few signs that you overshare on social media:

We know by your tweets and statuses when you go to the restroom, shower, or don’t do any of the above. Personal hygiene is known as personal hygiene for a reason, and strangely enough, I don’t want to know when you’re hopping in the shower and curling your hair. And I really don’t know when you are feeling bloated; you don’t see me posting on your wall about how heavy my period may or may not be.
Posting class schedules is an invitation for creepers. My suite and I had what we called the “creeper wall” where we posted our schedules in our hall so we could all see when everyone was free or not. While seemingly creepy, that was really just efficient. Posting it online, however, is just scary. Do you really want everyone you’re friends with on Facebook to know where you are all. the. time? It is just asking for someone to stalk you. Creeeeeeepy.
Status arguments that exceed 40 comments are NOT okay. Oh, but they sure are entertaining. I would be lying if I said I am not thoroughly entertained by this person at night when I can’t sleep but nothing is on television or I’ve finished my book. I can always count on you, drama queen, for endless entertainment at 3 am. I keep wanting to delete you, but I just can’t bring myself to do it when your personal-life-gone-public is like a more entertaining episode of Gossip Girl.
Blogging about STDs, and not for educational purposes. True story, I have witnessed this. I understand an STD is an interesting topic to write about in order to either educate or give a first-person perspective on. In fact, people have written about worse, and it has the potential of answering a lot of anonymous viewer’s questions. But not when you are complaining about your week and off-handedly talk about how you went to the doctor and on top of everything discovered you have contracted an STD. TMI Tuesdays, I both love and loathe you.
Profile pictures that involve French kissing. There are no more words needed to say why this is disgusting. PDA is bad enough. Online PDA is disgusting.
We know your boyfriend/girlfriend’s pet name simply from your social media. If you call your partner your “widdle snuffaluffagus” we aren’t thinking “aw”, we’re laughing and playing that name over and over in our heads when we see them.
You make a Powerpoint rating guys you have slept with, including pictures and real names, then send them to all of your friends. I’m talking to you, Karen Owen.

Candy Dish: Work it Girl!
Candy Dish: Work it Girl!
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