Who Deserves the OfficeMax Desk Makeover? VOTE NOW.

We’ve teamed up with our favorite organizing guru Peter Walsh and OfficeMax to give one lucky CollegeCandy fan an entirely new workspace. As in a new desk, message board, file tray, cord management station, portable inbox station, expanding files, writing board, notebooks, letter tray, ottoman with hanging files inside, and more!
Yeah it’s a lot — I’m out of breath just typing it!
Last week we invited people to upload their messiest desk pictures to our Facebook fan page to prove to us why they deserved to win this awesome prize. And even though our desks are filled with old wrappers, crumb-filled keyboards, and coffee stains, you guys managed to out-do us. We’ve chosen the 5 MESSIEST desks from all the entries and now we’re asking you to help us pick a winner by voting for the person who NEEDS the new workspace the most.
Check out the pictures below, then place your vote at the bottom! The contest ends this Friday, February 4th, so don’t forget to vote!

Angelica Says: "HELP! I am in desperate need of a new desk. This one second hand and it's so old there had to holes cut in the back for my power cords. My desk always seems to be doing double duty (vanity, desk, dinning table) and I need somewhere that I can just STUDY. Please help me get a new desk!"

Emily Says: "My desk is a complete and utter disaster! I don't have anywhere to store my stuff, so things are spilling onto the floor and I don't even have room to have a book open and use my computer at the same time!"

Jandrea Says: "My desk just seems to get cluttered...I try and keep it neat and I fail. My fish Charlie doesn't enjoy it too much either. The plate of water colors has been there for a verrrrrry long time."

"This is Katie's chaotic corner: a land of pure imagination, homework, and creativity. Sometimes, Cheerios attack, penguins fall , and I have no room for all of my books. But it's okay-- I dream that one day I will have a desk large enough to hold my homeless pet squirrel."

Megan Says: "My desk is an absolute wreck, and it is so small that there is no room to get anything done on its small surface especially since my computer screen is cracked and I have to have two monitors on the desk which takes up even most of the room. Also, my fish, Othello, doesn't really have anywhere else to be so I have to work around him while doing homework, playing on facebook, doing my hair, or putting on makeup."

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Candy Dish: I ROTFLed Bro
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