Forget the Beach – Here are 5 Awesome Spring Break Alternatives

Been there, done that, blacked it out.

It’s almost spring break time (THANK GOD), and that means cute boys, tiny bikinis, illicit substances, and beaches, right? I guess. But who wants a cliché spring break when there are tons of other places to create all sorts of debauchery…? If you haven’t planned the big SB yet, here are 5 places you and your crew should consider.
New Orleans.

Uh, hello, MARDI GRAS? It falls on March 9th this year, so if you’ve got an earlier Spring Break, this is the place to be. But even if you don’t, the city itself is rich in history and excitement. There are art galleries, cooking schools, and streets upon streets of bars that offer live music and big crowds. Plus, since New Orleans is still working to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina, it could use all of the tourism income it can get so you can feel good about spending a few days down there.
Lake Tahoe.

Yes! It is possible to go skiing this spring break! Lake Tahoe features all sorts of spring festivities like the Alpine Meadows Spring Music Series, the Telegrass Festival, and the Peaks and Lagoons Spring Party Weekend. Plus…those snowboarding instructors are especially adorable.  Are you sure this doesn’t sound better than a beach…? Nothing like cuddling up with a cute guy to keep you warm on a snowy peak.
Atlantic City.

Flashy casinos. Glitzy hotels. Sparkling arcade halls. Neon-lit amusement piers. Clubs, clubs and more clubs. All for way cheaper than a week in Vegas (if you’re on the East Coast, at least). There really isn’t even any need to bring your own debauchery here; there’s plenty of it already.

Did you know Montreal has an Underground City? If that doesn’t get you at least a bit interested, something’s wrong with you. The Underground City in Montreal is the largest man-made underground network in the world. That means, ladies and gentlemen, that there is nothing like this city ANYWHERE else. There’s shopping and museums and even an ice-hockey arena! Plus, you can even book a room in a hotel located under there. Come on, that’s way cooler than playing flip cup in the sand.

Sure, you could go to the beaches in Atlanta, Georgia (it does get warm enough to don a bikini)…or you could witness the Lasershow Spectacular at the Stone Mountain Park, the world’s longest running lasershow!  The festivities begin at night with various lasers creating pictures against the night sky. Plus, during the day, there are various activities like rock climbing or sky hiking (you get to walk across tree tops!), or sampling Coke products from around the world at the Coca-cola Factory. It’s just one adventure after the other in Atlanta.

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