How To Throw A Glee-Themed Party

Haven’t you heard? Superbowl parties are sooo passé. This year, it’s all about celebrating something way more important: the return of Glee.

Our favorite show is currently on hiatus, but it’ll be back in all its musical glory this Sunday – more specifically, in the highly coveted pre-Superbowl time slot. Glee’s been slackin’ a bit this season, but the next episode should be EPIC. The gang is taking on numbers like “Need You Now” “Bills, Bills, Bills” and “Thriller.” I don’t know much about what’s going on plot-wise (all this better be happening, though) but my guess is, it’ll be worth all the effort that goes into throwing a party.

Okay, so if you’re not ready to go out and buy that Glee videogame for your guests to play all day, I suppose I’ll understand. In fact, all you really need for a Glee viewing party is a bunch of friends, an iTunes playlist, a big TV, and – if you’re really trying to channel Rachel – an ugly sweater. Oh, and food is usually a good idea when you have people over. Try these Glee-inspired treats to really make your party a hit.

Grilled Cheesus sandwiches: Cut some grilled cheese sandwiches in half and arrange them on a platter for guests. If you stuff them with fontina and gruyere cheese, they’ll taste so good that no one will even notice they’re missing the telltale face of Jesus. But plain old American slices work too.

Tots: Remember how steamed Mercedes got when Sue made the cafeteria stop serving these bad boys? I certainly do because I probably would have reacted the same way. Just sayin’.

Breadsticks: You can either bake your own or go the practical route: stop by your local Breadsticks (err…I mean Olive Garden) and pick up some unlimited sticks.

Peanut butter jelly sandwiches: You can never have too many – just ask Emma.

Slushies: This is an absolute must. And if you really feel like getting crazy, you can even spike ‘em.

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