James Franco to Teach a Class…on James Franco

You hear that?
It’s the sounds of millions of college girls everywhere clamoring to get their transfer papers in. Because James Franco is going to be teaching a course at Columbia College in the fall. And that’s not the best part. The best part is the course he’ll be teaching…
“Master Class: Editing James Franco… with James Franco.”
According to the PopEater Columbia College Hollywood will give 12 of its best editing students the chance to create a 30 minute documentary from footage of Franco’s career. Franco won’t actually be there every day, the course will be run by Franco’s collaborator and editor, Tyler Danna, but he will speak to the class weekly, via Skype.
Let’s just take a moment to digest that.
The man is teaching a college class. About himself. On Skype.
Sure you could say that no one else will know the material quite as well as Franco, but really man? Who actually says, I want to teach a class….about me? This is taking celebrity egos to an entirely different level. This is ridiculous. This is ludicrous. This is unacceptable. This is…fabulous.
Personally, I would love to take a class about James Franco with James Franco teaching it. I mean, the man is hot, there’s just no denying it. I’ve loved him since his days playing Peter Parker’s frenemy and I will always love him. Not only would he be the hottest teacher ever, one you wouldn’t mind having extra study sessions with, but he’s actually pretty talented, and smart. He’s an Oscar nominee.  He has a M.F.A. from Columbia University and he is about to direct an episode of General Hospital. The guy has got the whole package, so why shouldn’t he be a little full of himself? Why shouldn’t he teach?
I, for one, would love to learn.

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