Kira The Dating Coach is Gonna Take the "Complicated" Out Of Your Relationship Status

Sick of waiting for him to call/text/IM/GChat/email?

Today ladies, I want you to take a little trip back in time to when I was in college…way back in “the ‘90s.”  I remember meeting a super cute guy at my job on campus.  I worked at this fun little underground cafe called Dante’s (yes, as in the Inferno) where you could order sundaes, malts, soft pretzels and my friends’ all-time fav, cheesy popcorn that I would bring back to the dorm to be the most loved friend for about the six minutes that it lasted.  My reign was always short-lived as I would always be ousted by my friend Lisa who would worked at the local pizza place and brought home pizza with sauerkraut. Good times, but I digress.
At the beginning of my sophomore year, a super hottie walked into Dante’s and after a malt, cheesy popcorn and lots of witty banter, I was crushin’ pretty hard.  Problem was, I only knew his name and a little about him so I did what every other lady did back then: used my Nancy Drew-like sleuthing skills (that would have impressed the CIA) and got to work.  It took about two weeks but I found out which dorm he lived in, his major, his friend group and some other small details.  I also found out, with a little random luck, that he had a long-time girlfriend at another school.  Although slightly bummed, it was fun to have a little crush, talk about it with my friends and keep my skills sharp in case the CIA ever did come a knockin’.
Fast forward to current day and think about the exact same situation.  Now, if I would have met him, within 10 minutes I would know all the info above plus: The Hangover is his favorite movie, he is into indie rock and has a love for old school rap, that he no interest in politics and seems to love roller coasters, taco bell and Megan Fox.  I would have also seen pics of his friends (kinda douchey), his family dog (cute) as well as what could be his current or ex-girlfriend (boo).  If I dig a little deeper I can find out he is a regular on gaming sites and loves to debate the evil of mainstream music and the record companies.  PLUS, don’t forget, about 7 different ways to contact him.  Without even talking to him anytime soon, I can follow his daily life and let the crush bloom into full blown smitten.
This is where we buy the ticket to the crazy train.
I will be the first to admit that I am little addicted to “the Facebook” and have been known to say that I am dating my Mac because of the amount of time we spend together, but I have to wonder if this constant availability is really helping us when it comes to dating.  Knowing everything about a person without having more than a 20-minute conversation with them allows our minds to judge (I don’t want to date a gamer) or create unrealistic expectations and hopes for someone we barely know (he loves dogs, I love dogs!).  Then, when we don’t get that text, call, email, or chat we are devastated and it does a number on our self-esteem.
Sound familiar?
It’s not your fault.
Without asking for it, you have become trailblazers for a new world of dating. The biggest problem is that without any guidelines, you are inventing the rules for dating with technology and mostly learning the hard way….from your own mistakes.
Well, CollegeCandy and I started talking and we are here to help.  We have created the “It’s Complicated Spring Sorority Tour” that will be making stops on campuses across the Midwest and East Coast, through the end of February and March, to guide sorority ladies through the battlefield of college dating with technology. Most importantly, we will help you answer the never-ending question “to text or not to text.”
During my stop on campuses, I’ll be sitting down with girls like you to discuss:
* The Five Biggest Dating Mistakes college ladies are making without even knowing it.
* How to know when to make the first move and when to hang back.
* How technology can be your best friend (and worst enemy).
And finish with…
* A Top 10 Technology Guidelines everyone should know if they are dating or flirting
with technology!
Ready to start uncomplicating things?  Interested in having CollegeCandy and I come to your school?  Email PR [at] CollegeCandy [dot] com and we will talk.  Old school….over the phone.

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