Sexy Time: Tell Us Something We Don't Know

Searching the internet for a new and exciting topic for this week’s Sexy Time, I became increasingly more disappointed when I realized that the latest “news” hits for sex studies are really and truly nothing new.
I understand the need for studies, and I understand the need for solid evidence on an issue. But what happened to common sense? What’s happened to listening to doctors and midwives for the last 30 years? I suppose I’m just frustrated, because there are so many things that could be studied about sex, and yet, the top billed news on sexuality is more or less just common sex.
So today, ladies and gentlemen, I bring you “stuff we should’ve already known”:
Sex during pregnancy is A-OK. This is the top billed hit on Google news for sex at the moment, and I can’t help but wonder why this study was necessary in the first place. Perhaps it’s my uncanny interest in pregnancy and birth, but for as long as I can remember it’s been common knowledge that unless you’re high-risk, sex is perfectly fine while you’re pregnant. Hell, does no one recall the awkward sex scene in Knocked Up that features Allison yelling, “the doctor and Debbie said it’s fine!” ?
Regular sex does not make you fat. I guess I never even knew that thinking sex would make you fat was a “thing” to begin with, but as this article points out — no! Regular sex will not make you fat!  Good to know, study, good to know.
Facebook and texting gets you laid. No kidding. I feel like anyone whose had Facebook or a cell phone during a rough patch knows that those two means of not-exactly-personal communication have been perfected for the booty call. Flirting via technology is as simple as sending a 😉 or a 😛 and things can get rolling pretty quickly. Also, when all of your information is out there on the internet, it’s easy to think that you don’t have to have as much “getting to know you” time before getting busy.
Men are more forgiving of their cheating girlfriends… as long as they’re cheating with a woman. Now, I can go into an entire feminist diatribe about women’s sexuality being trivialized, but it’s easier to prove my point by looking at the high school boys who think it’s SO HOT when their girlfriend makes out with another girl. In all fairness, the study did teach us one thing new — while men are more forgiving of their partner’s same-sex flings, women do the opposite. Women are much less likely to forgive a bisexual affair than a heterosexual one. Huh.
Let’s keep our fingers crossed that next week there’s a bit more news on the sexuality front, or this columnist might have to resort to writing about leg cramps and rug burn.

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