Your February Pre-Party Playlist

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought I’d select songs for this month’s playlist that are all about love. (Check out my other playlists here!) But not in that completely obnoxious, sappy, cheesily romantic way. That’s not my cup of Jungle Juice, ladies.

I’ve never really understood why Valentine’s Day is always only about people in relationships. This is a day about LOVE, not merely romantic love. It should be spent appreciating wherever you are relationship-wise at the moment, be it happily in love/lust, single and satisfied, or going through a break-up with someone you were way. too. good for.

So yes, you will find some love songs on this playlist, like the awesome throwbacks hits of “Ain’t No Other Man,” by Christina Aguilera and “Lost Without U” by Robin Thicke. But you’ll also find those more “therapeutic” songs about love, like Cee-Lo Green’s ex-bashing hit, “F*** You.” And finally, there are songs about enjoying being single, riding solo, and just wanting to be left alone at the bar to do your own thing.

So whether you’re in a relationship or not, know you are allowed to celebrate this year. And that you absolutely should. Make this Valentine’s Day about love lost, gained and/or waiting to be found, and throw this playlist on to help remind yourself that no matter where you fall along the love spectrum this year, there’s a song out there (and on here) that describes exactly how you feel.

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