Budget Stylista: Blizzard Chic

If you live anywhere north of Florida, chances are you’ve had to deal with snow this year. I wouldn’t even bat an eyelash if tomorrow the weather folks announced that even our Florida friends were going to get hit with a version of SnOMG . And total side note, apparently we are all VERY excited about the Blizzards of 2011. People on Facebook are eager to come up with their very clever play on words – Snowtorious BIG, Snobama, The Snowtuation?!. It’s like we’ve never even seen this white powdery stuff we call snow before.
But I get it. The weather has been bat sh*t crazy. And totally unpredictable. Sort of like your emotions right around your period. And even though Thundersnow is a fun word to say (especially when said like this: THUNDERSNOOOOOW!!!!) the very cold truth is that actually walking around in Thundersnow is the opposite of fun.
So I figured, what better way to help you prepare to brave the elements than with a way to stay warm yet look cool. Now you can throw a snowball, sip a hot cocoa or trudge through 12 feet of snow and look fabu all at the same time!
The Black Blizzard.

Product Information: Jacket – Bloomingdales, $69.30; Leggings – Hot Topic, $18.99; Boots – Steve Madden, $79.80; Scarf – Target; Hat – Target.

Love this look. Warm, cute and totally functional! The jacket can either have a totally awesome collar OR turn into a hood for double protection. The hat is adorbs but oh so warm. Not to mention how the red hat matches the piping on these totally sleek yet great for slush boots! Paired with these legwarmers over some leggings (and a pair of tights if you you need added warmth) and gloves that keep your hands warm but still fully text-able! You = Blizzard Babe.
The Brownie Blizzard. (Mmmmm, I want DQ.)

Product Information: Jacket – Old Navy, $14.47; Boots – DSW, $79.95; Scarf – Forever 21, $4.50; Hat – Target, $12.99 ; Gloves – Target, $10.99.

The key to looking cute in the winter is finding a coat that cuts in at the waist. This one is cute, warm and different in this delicious chocolate.Pair with these so-perfect-for-the-cold-that-they-are-actually-cute boots, delicately warm gloves and textured hat and you look like you’re ready to tackle whatever Snowmaggedon might throw your way. Slush? Please. Snow up to your calves? No bigs! And paired with this coral scarf for a pop of color, you’re sure to stand out… or at least match the color of your soon to be wind blown face.
If the weather keeps up like this, the only thing most people are going to see of you is your outerwear, so step up your bundled game, women!

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