Jersey Snore: I Mean, Shore…


I'd rather have a doctor stick his thumb in my butt than have to watch this episode again.

For last night’s delightful mid-season, “let’s just show 15 minutes of party footage and a few gratuitous shots of JWoww’s body” episode, I decided to consult my most brilliant pop-culture dude friend to get some input from the male perspective on the whole matter (think Joel McHale, and that’s basically him). From Deenasaurus to Sam and Ron’s dysfunction, we cover it all.

With a heaping serving of haterade.

Boring. Though I do really want to try Proactive….

In pre-school my teacher posed the question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" to our class of ten girls. My classmates responded with answers like: mommy, doctor, or teacher. I responded: fairy princess. This is still my answer. email her: follow her: @tinkermellie