Have A Kick Ass Valentine's Day, Day 1

Love, schmove.  When you are a couple, Valentine’s Day is one of the most exciting days of the year.  When you are single, you sometimes want to throw things at those happy couples.  I still remember that devastating feeling as I walked through the union seeing all of the bouquets of flowers waiting to be picked up by ecstatic classmates while I went to my student post office box to find my own special valentine…..from my parents.  Turns out I am Bear-y Special.
However, the one thing we forget is that Valentine’s Day is not just about couples (and the gifts they give each other). At it’s core, it’s a holiday that is simply about love.  And whether or not you have a “special someone” at the moment, there is probably lots of love in your life and you get to celebrate that just as much as someone who is going to the Olive Garden for a $10 meal.
Not sure where to find your inspiration?  Myself and some of the writers of The College Crush have created some videos to encourage you to put away the black clothing and bitterness and create your own Kick Ass Valentine’s Day….no date needed.
First up, Britt from BluntDelivery reminds us all why it rocks to be single on Valentine’s Day.

Come back (same place, same time) all week for more tips and vids for a kick ass V-day!

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