Surviving Senior Year: What I Won't be Missing

I think it’s obvious by now that there are a lot of things I’m going to miss about being a college student. Friends. Three day weekends. The ability to plan my schedule around the latest episode of Glee. Things like that make the idea of leaving in three months and never looking back completely horrifying.
But as I inch closer and closer to graduation each day, I’ve taken the time to consider that maybe it’s not all bad. Four years is enough time to realize that college has its pros and its cons. And maybe I’ve just been looking at this whole thing the wrong way. I’m going to try for optimism instead. And that’s why I’ve listed for you a few of the things I absolutely won’t miss about college.
1. Writing papers. I’ve done my fair share of paper writing over the last four years and it never gets any more entertaining or interesting. The research is annoying. The outlining never works. The writing process is disastrous. And the entire thing just makes me want to scream at the top of my lungs and pull out ALL. OF. MY. HAIR. I’m grateful this part of my life is almost over, if only to prevent the need of wigs at such a young age.
2. Dining hall food. Even if you go to one of those schools where the food is actually edible, after four years of the same choices on rotation over and over and over again it really is time for a change. Plus, dining halls aren’t exactly known for having the healthiest dining options. That personal trainer I’ve been meaning to get will appreciate my sacrifice of no longer eating chicken fingers and fries for lunch every day.
3. Overpriced books. $300 dollars for a used Shakespeare textbook that I will never, ever use again? A Shakespeare textbook it doesn’t pay to sell back because I’ll probably only end up with a measly $50. I won’t ever have to deal with this again. My bank account has sent me a fruit basket in thanks.
4. Annoying e-mails. Campus wide e-mails about gym closings, changes in dining hall hours, information about lectures no one is ever going to go to and resume building seminars that are about as helpful as, well, resume building seminars. My Blackberry will be particularly relieved because every Monday at 9 a.m. it will no longer experience a sudden rush of e-mails, causing each individual alert for each new e-mail to turn into one high pitched screeching sound.
5. Core classes. No more science. No more math. No more art history. Say goodbye to all of those classes you should have said goodbye to back in high school. Maybe in post grad life I’ll finally get my answer to that age old question, “When am I ever going to use this again?” Oh that’s right, I already know. Never.
Well, that worked out better than I thought it would.

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Current Events Cheat Sheet: February 7, 2011
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