The Weekly Ten: Not a Fan of February

So normally, I try to keep the Weekly Ten a positive place. Best kisses. Best boys. Best ways to spend your winter break. But this week, well, that’s just not happening.
I’m not sure if it’s the bad weather or the senioritis or my inability to focus on any one task for more than five minutes at a time, but I’ve been in quite the mood these past few days. And I’m taking my anger out on February, this too short, unproductive, cold, depressing, and generally annoying month.
So here’s why I am officially hating on February.
10. Groundhog Day is a bogus holiday. Yes, okay. So it’s cute to watch a little groundhog crawl out of a whole and get scared by its own shadow. But is this holiday ever actually accurate? I mean, I’m crossing my frozen fingers that this year it will be; there’s nothing I’d love more this year than an early spring….especially after Snowmaggedon 2011.
9. One month closer to midterms. What comes after February? March.  The month of midterms. The month of study sessions and papers and cramming and procrastinating.  The two week long process of trying to relearn everything you’ve already forgotten. February is cruel even as it leaves us.
8. That whole leap year thing. 28 days? 29 days? Make up your mind already! I don’t have time to deal with your identity crisis, February!
7. At the end of this month, my thesis is due.  Like due, due. It has to be done. Finished. Never to be touched by my hands again. And I’m nowhere near ready for that to happen. So for me, February is going to be thesis month, which you know, just completely sucks.
6. Valentine’s Day is horrible. For single girls, married girls, engaged girls and girls in relationships. For the couples of the world Valentine’s Day is an enormous amount of pressure. Do you do the big dinner? The night in? Do you ignore the holiday all together and hope it passes without incident? That’s probably what most single girls are going to do, because for them Valentine’s Day is just the greeting card company’s way of  saying “Sorry you don’t have anyone to buy you chocolate….so spend the next 72 hours gorging on the stuff while watching Lifetime movies and wallowing in your misery.”
5. The Wardrobe sucks. All of the stores are releasing their new spring lines. Floral dresses. Jean skirts. Espadrilles. Wedges. So many cute outfit ideas. But can we wear those outfits? Nope. We’re stuck in baggy coats and layer upon layer of clothing, rain boots and snow boats and hats and scarves that are already standing on their last leg. It was cute once upon a time, way back in December when the winter weather was just beginning, but now I’m sick of it.
4. New Year’s resolutions start to fall apart. They were going strong in January. You were hitting the gym regularly, writing down all your assignments, and totally embracing that whole new year, new you thing. But then February comes along. It’s cold. It’s depressing and it’s overwhelming. Suddenly you have more important things to focus on than your plans to never eat fried food again….like your plans to drink beer and mozzarella sticks, wings and french fries at the Super Bowl party.
3. It’s depressing. You’re upset that you can’t keep your new year’s resolutions. There are no holidays to look forward to. It’s too cold to even consider going out. So all you do is sit home watching reality TV marathons and eating your weight in cookie dough. Which you know, could be fun every once in a while but not for an entire month. And not because you have nothing better to do. February cramps my style. And that’s depressing.
2. It’s winter break month for high schools. Remember in high school, when you used to have a whole week off for President’s Day instead of just the Monday? That was so much fun, wasn’t it? No holidays to take part in. No familial obligations. Just a week home to relax and catch up on some sleep. Yeah, well now we’re in college so we don’t get that anymore. At least, not until March.
1. It’s too cold. It’s icy. It’s raining. It’s freezing. It’s slushy. And I can’t take it anymore. Since January the  temperatures have already dipped below freezing more times than I care to recall. And February will not see the end of this. No, it will see the continuation of this. A very long, very unnecessary continuation that forces me to wear puffer coats and unattractive scarfs and lined rain boots in an attempt to stay warm and dry. And I hate it.
I hate it all.
Is February over yet?
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