Why Can’t I Just Lose Weight?

How many times have you said that? Or has your roommate, or your best friend, or pretty much any female in college for that matter? I know I’m guilty of starting my “Super Healthy Diet And Exercise Regime” only to be thwarted a week later when my pants don’t feel any looser and the small shirt I bought (you know, to give me inspiration) still isn’t fitting quite right.

By the end of the week I can never figure out where I went wrong. I mean I’m putting in at least a solid hour at the gym every day (well except for Wednesdays, because they’re my long days..and Fridays…oh and the weekend because who is exercising then anyway!) And I’m eating so healthy (when I’m sober….)

But in general, it seems it is impossible to lose weight in college. Why? Well, here are the biggest offenders:

Wait, I ate WHAT?
You know those late nights, the ones where stumble into your dorm room too drunk to fully understand what you are about to do. You pick up the phone and dial the local pizza place, the one where grease drips from every slice. And you not only order a pizza, but a liter of Pepsi, fries, and bread sticks (the cheesy kind with marinara sauce on the side). And then you wake up, see the pizza box in your bed and realize that you fell off the diet wagon….again.

The gym is sooooo far away.
Plus it’s cold! And there are lines for every machine. And you walk to class, right? That’s enough of a workout for the day. And you’ll just do some crunches before bed…when you’re not drunk….and hit up those YouTube workouts….when you’re not busy. Or, you know, just never work out.

Study snacks.
The Oreos, Salt and Vinegar chips, and all of those ramen noodles stashed under your bed. They’re the foods you reach for when you’re up late finishing that paper you should have started 5 days ago. They’re also not-so-filling, meaning you mindlessly eat way more than you need and before you know it, you’ve got another 1,000 calories down the hole and no time to get to the gym.

But wait, there’s more! Click here for a few more (scientific) reasons why you can’t beat the college bulge.

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