5 Things You'll See At New York Fashion Week

Here at CollegeCandy we like to consider ourselves quite the fashion go-to girls. I mean, we tell you where to shop, what to buy, and how to wear it. So it’s only right that today, the first day of Mercedes Benz Fall 2011 New York Fashion Week (gah, that’s a mouthful!), we offer you our two cents on what’s to come.
But not so much on the clothes themselves, or even the designers. We’ll leave that to the professionals. Instead we’d rather focus on everything else. So here’s what’s coming your way from the runways of New York over the next 7 days. Well, besides the great clothes, and the good looking guys, and the gorgeous models, that is.
1. The ugliest clothes you’ve ever seen. They’ll be hideous. Unflattering. Out of proportion. They will break every fashion rule that has ever been made. No one will ever wear them. And no one will ever want to. But for the entirety of Fashion Week people will rave about how brilliant the designers are, and how great the clothes look. And sure they will probably inspire some really cute outfits from some less than Fashion Week-worthy designers, but those clothes? The originals? Those won’t be worn again. Not even by Blair Waldorf.
2. “New trends” that were also new when your mom was your age. True story. We don’t realize how quickly trends resurface in fashion but all of these new styles that we’re currently loving were loved a long, long time ago as well. Two weeks ago I was watching Glory Daze and an unsuspecting sorority girl opened the door in an oversized sweater and leggings. If it hadn’t been for the horrible side ponytail I would have thought the show suddenly jumped ahead 20 years.  So all these new trends you’ll see this week that look like they could have come straight out of the ’70s? They did come straight out of the ’70s.
3. Rachel Zoe’s collarbone. And plenty of other people’s collarbones, as well. Skinny arms. Toothpick legs. And lots and lots of teeny, tiny waists. Love it or hate it, Fashion Week is about the skinny people. So be prepared to be shocked into a sugar coma. Because, personally, there’s nothing I want to do more after watching super tall, super thin models walk down a runway than eat lots and lots of ice-cream. Or jump on the treadmill. We’ll see how it goes. To each her own, you know?
4. Some really weird makeup. Smoky eyes below the eye. Shaved eyebrows.  White liner. Bright lips. If anyone rocked these looks to class, or even on the red carpet, people would look at them like, well, like they shaved their eyebrows. But during Fashion Week it’s fabulous. It’s cutting edge. It’s trying something new. It’s treating the models like a canvas, manipulating them to better present the clothes, which, yes, I totally get. I understand the point of it all, but the makeup is still pretty weird.
5. Anna Wintour’s Bob. The editor-in-chief of Vogue. This woman is synonymous with fashion. And with her page boy bob and oversized sunnies. She’ll be there, loving a select few items while also internally tearing apart all the rest. The woman is like a real life Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep’s evil boss to Anne Hathaway’s scared intern). So watch closely to see if she nods or shakes her head. Or better yet, watch to see if she purses her lips. You remember what that means right? Absolute disaster.
Now that sounds like fun.

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