Have a Kick Ass Valentine's Day, Day 4: Don't Do This

Eating a cookie tin, 4 at a time, in your undies? Definite don't.

So it’s day 4 of our week long motivational kick in the ass to get all you single ladies out there to see Valentine’s Day in a new, positive way.
First we reminded you of all the wonderful (pause….NOT!!!) things you’re missing by not being in a relationship.
Then we showed you that your laptop/cell phone/iPad are not acceptable Valentine’s Day dates. Yes, even if there is an App for that.
And then we talked about showing yourself some love (not like that.…well, maybe like that if you’ve got the room to yourself and a little free time on your hands…) on V-Day.
And today, Brittany from The College Crush is going to tell you what you shouldn’t be doing come February 14th. That is if you want to maintain your sanity, dignity, friends and chances at love down the road. Which, you know, you should.
Ready? OK!
What else shouldn’t you do on V-Day? Share your advice below.

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